Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bye bye Bear...

Steve says, "I miss Soph and Jess thiiiiis much!"

Well, now that the dust has settled on that yearly heart attack known as the NHL trade deadline, I suppose I can weigh in on the trade that rocked us the most, the Steve Bernier-for-Brian-Campbell swap. On an aesthetic level, I must immediately oppose trading a brunette for a red-haired boy. I don't know if any of you fine readers have a phobia of red-haired boys, or if that's a fear exclusive to red-haired girls like myself, but bleh. Sorry Campbell, I'm sure you're a fine chap, but red-haired boys just creep me out. As do bugs. And the Beatles' song "Revolution 9."

Anyway, back to Steve. He was really Soph's discovery this past summer. Prior to that, we both assumed that Giggles would go for him, based on his emo hair headshot. (Of course, this didn't come to pass as she fell for Cheechoo instead.) But one day at work over the summer, I got a frantic text from Soph, asking for my thoughts on Steve Bernier. I was pretty indifferent to him then. Besides, I had just found Kyle McLaren, so I had "Kyle = fave" blinders on the time. Steve was kind of cute, what you could see of his face with the emo hair. And apparently, after being hit in the crotch with a puck during a game, he complained to the referee that he wanted to have kids some day. That's pretty boss, so I accepted him into the canon of Sharks' faves.

When we got to meet Steve after a Sharks practice during fall break, though, I got a whole new opinion of the boy they call Big Bear. Holy bejesus, Steve is gorgeous! He's tamed the emo hair look these days, and he has really pretty blue-green eyes. Sigh. If they ever have an America's Next Top MALE Model, Steve should try out. Seriously, he's prettier than we are! His face is his meal ticket! But looks aside, Steve just seemed really sweet and happy-go-lucky the two times we got to meet him. He was super accomadating to the fans, even the second day when there were about 1,000 ten year old boys swarming the back door at Logitech. Steve struggles with his English, so he seemed genuinely thrilled when Soph started talking to him in French. He just lit right up, it was adorable! Aww, Steve... I was so smitten that I got my picture taken with him, which something this awkward fangirl hardly ever does! With this outing, Steve became my second fave Shark.

Our love of Steve actually has infected our parents over the past few months too! When Steve got in a fight against Dallas a few months back, Pops actually yelled "NO!" at the TV, wanting to spare our beloved. Pops was the first person we called about the trade, and he was sympathetic. When Soph's Maman heard of the trade, she exclaimed, "Oh, no, that's terrible!"

Well, we'll always love Steve! I hope the Buffalo fans treat him well, and it sounds like they're off to a good start... a group of them actually greeted him at the airport last night! Aww!

Grin and BEAR it...

In other trade deadline news...

-Pops is surprisingly chill about this whole "Foppa-to-the-Avs" thing. I guess it makes some sense though... at least he's back in the league again. And with all the Flyers' injuries, Foppa would have a better chance with the Avs right now.

-How is this Brad Richards trade going to work out... for Vinny Lecavalier? Have the two ever been separated like this before? Perhaps Dallas should have thrown a few boxes of Kleenex into the deal too.

-Vinny Prospal? Really Flyers? Ugh... Pops and I aren't big on Prospal... Is it just a coincidence that he left Tampa and Anaheim and then both teams promptly went on to win the Cup? I wonder how he'll be in the room. Geez, just when I think it's safe to like the Flyers again...

-Allegedly, Paul Holmgren was working on a deal to bring Rusty back to the Flyers?! OMG How awesome would that have been?!

Alas, there was one funny moment on this blackest of Tuesdays... Soph had bought a Pretty Ricky jersey card, and it came in the mail yesterday. Well, when it was unveiled it to Giggles (who, as you may recall, exclaimed "Cheechoo, who?" upon glimpsing the Islanders' netminder), she had a fit, screeching: "Oh my god, this is an actual piece of his jersey?! That's so cool! I didn't know they made things like this! I thought stuff like this only existed in the Catholic Church, like relics!" Both Soph and I jumped at the outburst!

Oh yeah, and I didn't forget about the Carnival review, it's still forthcoming! I look forward to posting about a happy occasion!


elise said...

He's just not as attractive as a Sabre. *sigh*

The boy is just too cute.

kristin said...

Being a Sabre seems to suit him well...2 goals and an assist in his first game!

They showed him in the dressing room before the game, and he is quite dreamy, especially with that little accent of his!!

Jess said...

Elise- The blue and yellow does pale in comparison to the teal and white. But I'm sure Steve will be able to rock it somehow, especially judging by his fabulous game tonight!

Kristin- I know, how exciting! He's the number one story over at! Doesn't he have the most adorable accent? Sigh. Clearly being on the east coast with Soph and me is working wonders for Steve! :)

Heather B. said...

Soph, thanks for the picture of Baby Bear! On behalf of Buffalo, I would just like to say, we love him! Three point game aside (a linesman away from adding a fight for the Gordie Howe hat-trick), he's adorable - cute face, cute accent, so bouncy and happy. Yeah, I think I love him :-D (Sorry you had to lose him though. While Soupy isn't as cute, he's a good egg, I think.)

S(h)ara said...

Brian Campbell was my favorite Sabre, so I'm feeling you on this one. :)

That being said, Buffalo is nuts for Big Bear. He's pretty BAMF. You will grow to love my Soupy, trust me.