Tuesday, February 19, 2008

It's not worth losing if you can't lose big!

Not actually relevant, but I think it's funny

So, Jess and I are going to see the Sharks play the Flyers this Thursday, and while we both can't wait (our outfits are pretty much decided--I will be sporting an stylish Alcomichaleks Anonymous t-shirt I made and Jess is wearing her birthday suit, i.e. she's hasn't commited to anything yet--and our nails are already a nice shade of teal), I think there's an issue that needs to be addressed. Lately both teams have been sucking. Los Tiburones de San Jose have lost the last four games. Which doesn't seem too bad, until you factor in the fact that they started all four of those games with the lead and then it doesn't seem too good. And the Flyers have a nice seven game losing streak going on. Granted, both teams have a game before they meet on the twenty-first to get out of their respective funks, so this could no longer be valid come Thursday. But I want to know, since both teams can't lose (although, who knows, maybe it'll be a first), who wants the "L" more? Who wants to walk away with 0 points? Which franchise wants to keep its sucking-streak alive?

Oh well, look at the bright side, at least they haven't started stealing women's handbags, although that may be forthcoming.

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