Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mamma Mia, here I go again...

Vengaboys are psyched that the Islanders won! They want to be the new NYI mascot!

So the Battle of the Faves came out with a victory for the underdog Islanders, as they increased their win streak to a whopping four. Yay Rusty and Pretty Ricky! As for the Sharks, as Soph mentioned below, they squandered a two goal lead and wound up with a big fat L. Come on, boys! Kyle didn't come back from knee surgery to lose like this!

Anyway, to continue this spell of Rusty Fever, he's a regular superstar! As in, the second star of the week over at NHL.com! Yay! You show those goalies what a forward can do, Rusty! (Ahem, goalies Manny Legace and Carey Price round out the three star selections.)

"When you're gone, how can I even try to go on..." -Abba

In other news, it looks like Peter Forsberg will not be returning to the NHL this year after all. He just can't seem to get the upperhand on his foot issues. *buh dum ching* I'm shocked that Pops hasn't called me, frantic at this latest Foppa development. If Foppa does indeed not sign by next Tuesday's trade deadline, I guess they'll have to play "Taps" to commemorate a Foppa-less NHL season. Poor Pops. Soph and I would certainly be devastated to endure a season without our husbands. We'll just have to console Pops with lots of that OTHER crucial Swedish export... Abba! "Knowing me, knowing you, it's the best we can do..."

Desperate times call for desparate measures...

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elise said...

It's making me sad that the Sharks are losing. They're my adopted second team. I cannot wait until they come out to MN in March because I made sure I had tix to the game. But they need to stop sucking.