Thursday, February 14, 2008

Note to Foppa: Come back for Poppa

Gather 'round children, Foppa's home!

Valentine's Day is a fabulous occasion. Hearts, pink, chocolate, love... ingredients for a great time. It's my third favorite holiday, actually. But more importantly, it's Pops' birthday!!! Yay!! And in honor of my dear old d-a-d's birthday, I'd like to make a plea to Peter "Foppa" Forsberg to sign with the Flyers immediately, as a b-day present for Pops, who came to worship Foppa during his stint with the Flyers. Pops can fully embrace Foppa's ability to give steely glares, denounce people quietly with a Swedish accent, and break lamps in commercials. If Pops had a hockey husband, Foppa would be the go-to guy. Although we used to follow the Avalanche a lot back during Foppa's tenure there, he didn't achieve such fame in our house until he signed with the orange and black. I guess I knew vaguely of Peter Forsberg when I was little, actually. That he was supposed to be fabulous and the Flyers drafted him and then shipped him off to the Nordiques for Eric Lindros (what a swell idea that was!). But he didn't rank up there with the real icons of my childhood, Pops' OTHER faves: Sergei Federov, Alexei Kovalev, Sandis Ozolinsh, Teemu Selanne... Much like myself, Pops tends to prefer European players over North American boys. The exceptions to this rule, though, were Paul Coffey and Joe Sakic, whose card famously got impaled by Pops' girlfriend's high heel when Pops used to keep hockey cards in the car. ANYWAY, back to Foppa. So in the past few years, Foppa has become iconic for Pops. Kind of like Che Guevara or something. Even Giggles, with her total lack of hockey knowledge, is all like. "Oh yeah, I know Foppa."

So in honor of Pops' b-day, I dedicate this post to Foppa, who I should come to view as my stepfather, I guess. He pretty much seems like part of the family these days.

Foppa Fun Fact! So according to Wikipedia, Foppa's middle name is Mattias? That's pretty tough sounding, I'm not gonna lie.

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