Tuesday, February 19, 2008

This Just In! Zebulon Pike hearts Tastykakes!

Zebulon Pike says, "My, those are some delicious Butterscotch Krimpets, madam..."

Here are some fast facts so that this story is actually a.) interesting or b.) funny!

1.) When current Flyer Jason Smith was playing for the Oilers in the '06 Finals, Pops gave him the nickname of "Mountain Man" because Smith had quite a grand playoff beard at the time. Pops' assesment of Smith's scruff was a good one, but I knew we could do better, nickname-wise... so I granted Smith the name of a REAL mountain man: Pikes Peak discoverer Zebulon! (Thank you, random trivia from U.S. History class!) There is no real resemblance between the two men... I just like the name Zebulon, so it stuck. When Pops and I learned of deal that brought Jason Smith to the Flyers, we both immediately cried, "Zebulon Pike?!?!" Apparently, we don't care that Smith's actual nickname of "Gator" is pretty funny on its own.

2.) For those people not from the Philly area, Tastykake is an extremely popular brand of snack desserts that, I guess, are comperable to Little Debbie's. Cakes, pies, unhealthy sweet goodies, you name it, Tastykake makes it. My personal fave Tastykakes (because I know you're wondering) are Peanut Butter Kandy Kakes ("tandy takes" in my youth) and Butterscotch Krimpets.

Okay, now that you're armed with those facts, the following story might actually make sense! So yesterday, Soph and I were chatting with Giggles when what came on the radio but a commercial featuring Flyers! Promoting Tastykakes! OMG! I wish we had paid closer attention to who was featured and what exactly was said, but what stood out for me was someone saying that Tastykakes made their trade to Philly worthwhile (come on, at least make the script slightly believable!), and that someone liked Butterscotch Krimpets. At the end of the commercial, the only names we caught were Scottie Upshall and, wait for it, JASON SMITH! Oh, I wish I knew which voice was his! I hope he's the one who proclaims an undying love of Butterscotch Krimpets because I love the image of the Flyers' strapping, super tough captain sitting down to enjoy a snack named Krimpets!


kristin said...

This is funny for so many reasons! I need to hear this commercial!

And I see Gator as a Kreme Krimpies kinda guy...(even though I am not even sure if they make those anymore!!)

kristin said...

I forgot that y'all love the Sharks! Good warmup spots for the visiting team are sections 103-111. I was gonna take pictures of the Sharks, but it's been awhile since I took pictures of the Flyers, and they obviously need some TLC!!!