Wednesday, March 5, 2008

A Buffalo stampede in Philly

Steve, looking fierce as always

So tonight the Flyers took on the Steve Bernier'd Buffalo Sabres. Sadly, I missed a lot of the game, but here are a few quick notes:

-Steve had two assists! Yay Steve! I saw the one he got on Afinogenov's first goal, that was pretty boss. And he looked gorgeous as always, a nice bonus.

-The commentators discussed Jason Smith's tendency to block shots and stick up for his teammates and thus wear his job on his face. It was almost comical to see some of the Sabres yap at him later in the game, though, as Zebulon merely looked pained by their antics.

-I think tonight may have been the first time I heard a player (Ryan Miller) likened to a spider monkey. That's a new one.

-Pops had some nice post-goal assesments, including, "Modry's more like moldy bread out there!" (Uh, what?) and "Cripes, I could have scored that goal!"

-When Steve Downie scored, he got a nice seven-ten split on Modry and some dude on Buffalo, as he wiped out both of them and then fell himself.

-Did the Flyers fans seriously boo when Henrik Tallinder had to be helped off the ice? Are we really THAT classless here in Philly?

-Pops continues to hold a grudge against Jason Pominville for no easily definable reason. ("Ugh, freakin' Pominville!")

From what I could tell, after the first period, the Flyers looked pretty flat. Not to mention their suspect defense and goaltending (sorry Marty!) in the beginning of the third period. Perhaps they just got out-cuted. Randy Jones, though we love him, cannot hold his own against hottie heavy hitters like Steve. The Flyers need Lupul's lovely vortex eyes back ASAP! (His eighteen goals would come in handy too...)

PS- I don't know if any of you dabble in The Hockey News, but the latest edition has some pretty hilarious roommate stories in it. Sleepwalkers, neatniks, germaphobes... I was hysterical reading some of the tales. Also, if you like Marc-Edouard Vlasic (Pickles!!!) like I do, he and Matt Carle are the representative Sharks roomies.

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kristin said...

I was taken aback by the Ryan Miller spider monkey comparison. I said to myself, "did he just say spider monkey?!?" What the hell does that even mean?

And yes, Philly fans really are that classless. We just are. Sad but true.