Tuesday, March 4, 2008

I must be your lucky star!

Christian, stop making eyes at me during warmups! It's getting embarrassing!

So, yesterday, me and the family went to see the San Jose Sharks duke it out with the Montreal Canadiens. I think I should just be hired to travel with the team because I've gone to five games, and they've won four of them and the one they lost they almost made it into overtime, but Boston scored with thirty seconds left. I think that should happen, get on it Doug Wilson. So back to yesterday's game. It was lots of fun, but it gave me some serious serious heart palpitations. I mean, seriously! The Sharks this year haven't been really doing that score lots of goals thing, they usually get two or three and call it a night. But last night there where three goals in the first three minutes. And the Canadiens kept it close, but ultimately lost because of iffy goaltending. I think everyone's fave Germans (and by everyone, I mean Jess and my favorite Germans) Christian and Marcel deserve some props. Christian did a good job of speeding down the ice to touch the puck and Marcel had some good hits and some good chances.

It takes a perfect man to be the puck boy!

And guess who surprised me during warmups?! Kyle! Seeing as he had practiced with the other sickies on Sunday and he had been scratched for the last four games due to his knee, I just assumed tonight would be no different. I was so surprised when I saw him skating around! And even more so when he wasn't announced as a scratch! And Carle was! Woo! Although I glad to see him, I was worried he would funk up his knee throughout the entire game.

Voici my pictures from last nights game, mostly during warmup.

Here are more pictures from when Jess and I went to the Flyers Carnival like last-last Sunday.

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Jess said...

The HP Pavilion is just more conducive to taking glorious pictures! And thanks for healing up Kyle's knee when you went to practice! ;) You're the miracle cure!

Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight...