Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Our Perfect Man

Kyle would like to say a few words on being Slightly Saucy's Official Perfect Man

Soph and I have many fave players (a pretty big understatement), but none is more mutually loved (another understatement) than Kyle McLaren (aka Big Mac, K. Mac, Mac Warrior, Mac Daddy and pretty much "Mac" anything). Believe it or not, it wasn't love at first sight. Soph didn't like him for being all different with that yellow visor (She also thought he was two different guys), and I was baffled why he wasn't still in Boston (Hello, he was traded in 2003, get with the program!). But over the lengthy off season, we were bitten by the love bug!

Kyle would totally beat up your enemies...

On the ice, Kyle's a hard-hitter, known for his brutal hip check. He's a stay at home defenseman without a lot of points (he's got 4 goals so far this year, impressive!) and an occasional fighter. He's a little older than our other faves, a little injury prone, he doesn't get a lot of attention... and we just love him!
...and then melt your heart afterward!

Off the ice, Kyle's pretty funny as can seen in Shark Byte interviews and quick quizzes. And he's cute in a rugged, acquired taste sort of way. His look can be questionable at times, and he has a gap-toothed smile. But there's something totally adorable about him--you just want to hug him! He's really tough and intmidating looking, but somehow dorky and sweet. You would want to have him as a bodyguard in a dark alley (Soph and I have discussed this at length), but you'd also want to watch movies and hang out too. You could totally send him to the store to pick up Juicy Juice and he'd instinctively get the right kind (no messing around with the Apple-Banana, yuck!).

Who wouldn't love this face?!

And for so many other reasons, we find him totally lovable:

He seems like a total family man! He loves ice cream (chocolate chip cookie dough!)! His middle name is Edgar (yeah, really)! He has a gruff voice that's somehow endearing! He likes the Red Sox! He has five tattoos! (Not something I typically enjoy, but somehow it works on him.) He has fabulous boy handwriting, unlike some guys we've seen! (Randy Jones and Cheechoo, we're looking at you!) He describes himself as "loyal, compassionate, and fun-loving" ! He's a snappy dresser! He's the puck boy! He has horrible taste in music and he smells nice! He's been in the league since he was a mere baby at eighteen! He has a great sounding name! ("Kyle McLaren" just rolls off the tongue!)

So Kyle looks a bit like a biker dude with a penchant for bar fights, but he's seriously such a sweetheart to meet. He was really patient with Soph and I when we descended on him after practice over fall break. Soph had brought a painting for him to sign, and he was really concerned about messing it up. (Kyle: "Um... is here okay?") And when we both asked him for pictures, he was totally chill and had "tentative dad hands" as you can see here. The next time we met him, Greej couldn't find Kyle in the program, and Kyle was like, "I don't know where I am in there either, buddy!" And he was really patient with my spazene self as I struggled to give him something to sign and then showered him with tons of love. (Me: "You're my favorite player, and you seriously made my day!") As Soph attested from her most recent brush with his perfect self, Kyle was really sweet to her too, signing lots of things despite already carrying everything but the kitchen sink. We hear that Kyle always stops for fans at the HP Pavilion too. I don't know why this is surprising... he's just awesome! (That's actually what we were thinking of putting on our sign for the Sharks-Flyers game: "Kyle McLaren: Freakin' Awesome!")

Kyle gets the job done on the ice without being splashy, he's really sweet to fans, he seems like a total family man, he's ruggedly handsome, and, ah, we just love him! He's just the perfect man in our loving eyes!

We also highly recommend Kyle's 20 Questions and the utterly amazing Kyle McLaren Fan.com if you want to fall in love with him too!

Kyle says this post is over!


kristin said...

Okay, I was definitely put off by his occasionally weird hair and the yellow visor.

However, I think he won me over with the Red Sox love, the boy handwriting, and the tentative dad hands.

I'll be sure keep an eye on the boy now....

Soph said...

Kristin, I'm glad you have a new found appreciation of the man. Jess and I were getting ready to pull out the big guns and write a Kyle/Gator comparison. Well, I think Jess still wants to do it, but that's another story...

And I realized that we neglected to mention the BEST reason to love the boy. The man has a fish named Sparkles! Yup, Sparkles.

Oh, and Jess and I were curious. Didja click on all the links? Because that's pretty impressive!

kristin said...

I clicked on most of them except:

five tattoos, "loyal, compassionate and fun loving", Red Sox, and the two at the end.

I figured I'd save the rest for a rainy day!

And I'd love to see a Gator/Kyle comparison! With lots of pictures!