Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Sharks skate at Sharks Ice

In this picture I am CLEARLY blackmailing Kyle McLaren to get him
to come back to Philly with me

So it's Spring Break, and I've been shipped back home to California for the week. Checking the practice schedule, I had discovered that the Sharks were practicing today. So, with much whining and begging I convinced my mom, Maman, and little brother, Greej, to take me (Life blows when you don't have a car or a license.)

I guess since they had just come home from a month long road trip and are playing tomorrow they only had the injured and oft scratched guys and Nabby play. Which was good because I got to focus on Kyle and pretty much Kyle alone, but then I don't want him to be injured! I want him to play tomorrow! Wah wah wah!

Here are some of my observations and highlights:

-Remember in Mulan when Mushu tells Mulan to spit so she can properly trick all the other guys into believing that she's man and she does really awkwardly and the saliva just hangs from her mouth, grossing everyone out? Yeah, Tomas Plihal did that during practice. Right in front of me. And then he sucked it back in. Yuckies!

-I came pretty close to throwing a tantrum when Greej wanted to tear me away from my prime spot watching the beloved and perfect Kyle (I could see the sweat dripping down his face!!!) doing skating exercises to wait for Nabby outside. Not my proudest hour, but I'll admit it.

-When we finally go outside, who is there, as if waiting for me? Milan Michalek! My beloved Scruffy Puppy! And he signed my jersey and posed in a lovely picture with me (perhaps my favorite picture of the day!)! My first favorite player, what a sweet Czech you are!

-Greej got to take a picture (or I forced him to) with his hero Nabby and he was all flustered afterwards. Speaking of Nabby, his wife came by and dropped off their son. And he was really cute and so was Nabby with him and struggling with the leopard print carseat. I must say that I especially enjoyed their daughter who sat in the back, with a tiara upon her young head.

-I confused Brian Boucher as he was signing my brother's jersey because I told him that I saw him at the Carnival on Sunday. Which is not EXACTLY true, but I was there and he was there and I must have seen him when he was doing the shot on goal thing.

-Jody Shelley beaten up is not the same or as hot as Gator beaten up. He could only open one eye, so it was like he was perpetually winking at you.

-As Marcel Goc was walking away, Maman turned to me and whispered in french, "Look at his butt! His thighs are huge!"

-Marc-Edouard Vlasic aka Pickles left practice with a large bag full of Girl Scout cookies.

-Kyle! Kyle! Kyle! The guy I was waiting for! Such a perfect man, so patient as I was getting myself together, pulling out my pictures for him to sign, so willing to take a picture with me even though he was carrying a million bajillion things. And, without me having to ask her, Maman took some stalker shots of the man. I love you, Maman!

-I must have missed Soupy, but I don't really mind. It allows me to continue to live in the fantasy world where Steve hasn't been traded...

If you desire to see my awkward pictures with players, go here, I don't want to force it on you.


elise said...

1. I am completely in love with Pickles and his bright orange polo shirt and odd look on his face only increases that.
2. Goc looks like he's going to kill someone.
3. Your little brother is adorable. and so is Cheech.
4. Boucher looks very, very confused.
5.Milan is a total cutie.

Jess said...


Please tell me that you successfully blackmailed Kyle and are bringing him back with you or else I'll be inconsolable!

kristin said...

(gonna copy elise with the numbering system here)

1. Wow. Kyle is um, wow...
2. Jody Shelley is totally Shreked out!
3. Bouch needs a tan!
4. Love the picture of your little bro and Nabby! Their facial expressions are hilarious!
5. It looks way easier to stalk the Sharks at practice than the Flyers..
6. You're so organized with your pictures!

Have fun out there!

Soph said...

1. Pickles does make some weird faces, and some how they are endearing. I just can't get over the fact that he had girl scout cookies!
2. Marcel is really sweet and funny, but for some reason, he always photographs like that. The last time I met him, I mimicked his expession, secretly.
3. I was surprised, Cheech is usually very awkward, but he was really cute with my bro.
4. He's probably creeped out because he thought I followed him from Philly, like the ultimate stalker...
5. Thank you! Sometimes I feel like the only one...

Sorry, but I was unsucessful in blackmailing Kyle. But what could I have blackmailed him with?! He is the perfect man!

1. You better be speechless because you are in awe of him... or else! :)
2. I know! Really! It looked like it hurt for him to move
3. Well, it's a good thing he's in California, then. He can work on it better here.
4. After my brother took the picture he was in so much awe, he was like shell-shocked or something.
5. OMG, it is SO easy to stalk the players at Sharks Ice. You go in the front door, watch 'em practice. Then you go out the back door to wait in the parking lot. And then you jump 'em when they're enroute to their vehicles. So easy. I feel kinda spoiled by how simple it is.
6. Thanks!

Wow. That was a novel of a response!