Sunday, March 2, 2008

Total Randomness

Has anyone else seen the Flyers' "'Twas the Night Before Christmas" video on NHLTV? Because it's hilarious! Who wouldn't want to see big, tough hockey players in Santa hats taking turns reading The Night Before Christmas? Lasse Kukkonen is our personal fave. He's really endearing, struggling through the reindeer names with his huge Finnish accent. ("On Dasher, on Dancer, now Prancer and Wixen...") I'd like to know why they gave him the weirdest part of the book, when normal English is probably challenging for him. Anyway, it's also funny to see Jason Smith read because he looks really enthusiastic about the whole thing... awww. And Marty Biron seems really proud of himself when he's done. Oh Flyers, stop wooing us with your funny/adorable videos! We actually stumbled on this one in searching for the video from the Father-Son Road Trip, which is also funny, especially if you like Marty Biron, the resident filmographer!

Here are some other random thoughts from this weekend:
-I love that I can actually watch hockey this week because I'm home on spring break. Woo! Hockey is just so comforting to me, I don't know why. I guess 'cause it was always on when I was little. Geez, the old ESPN hockey song can make me so nostalgic!

-It was good to see Rusty throwing his weight around and being his usual fiesty self in yesterday's game against the Flyers. He really struggled last year in Tampa and this year at times, so it's great to see him playing with a lot of jump and confidence! That's my boy!

-The Sharks won last night, with a familiar face backstopping them... Boosh certainly has a knack for shut-outs! (Didn't he set the record for consecutive shut-outs a few years ago?) I think this situation will help the Sharks out... Greiss and Patzold are young and need to play but they aren't getting a chance in SJ. So let them play in the minors... at least they'll get some experience that way, and Nabby will have a veteran backup going into the stretch run.

-Today's Flyers-Rangers game was crazy! They must have gone like five to ten minutes without a stoppage in the second period. End to end rushes, turnovers, lots of hitting... whoa. Project Runway and America's Next Top Model were trying to woo me away, but I was glued to this game! The Flyers and Rangers are certainly building up a lot of animosity... Things are going to be interesting if they wind up meeting in the playoffs!

-During Saturday's Flyers game, Coatsey's Corner showed an interview between Coatsey and Randy Jones. (I know Soph's sad she hasn't gotten to see this yet!) It was interesting, though, because he was asked about his hit on Patrice Bergeron earlier this season. I feel like you don't usually get to hear about how players have to cope with injuring other players. What a traumatizing experience, to think you're just playing your game and then someone gets seriously hurt because of something you've done. Randy Jones talked about how he was off his game when he came back because the whole thing was weighing on him, and I just thought it was really interesting. Maybe I'm weird...

I'm looking forward to Tuesday's Flyers game against Buffalo! Big Bear comes to Philly! Yay! (Big Bear vs Gator? It'll be like National Geographic here!)

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