Saturday, March 15, 2008

What's black and blue and red all over? Everyone we like!

Randy Jones before we liked him: happy and healthy

Why does everyone we like get injured?! And all at the same time! We know hockey's a physical sport, but this is just ridiculous! The injuries have been piling up for awhile now, starting with our Islanders d-man pair of choice, Chris Campoli and Bruno Gervais. Campoli's season ended back in January due to a shoulder injury, and Bruno now may be done for the year, thanks to a concussion. That sucks, but we thought the rest of our boys had finally gotten healthy. Kyle McLaren's knee was finally better, and Lupul decided to bring his P-I-M-Pness back to the ice. But it all went downhill from there... Our injury curse proceeded to infect everyone else we like! Ruslan Fedotenko, the hockey love of my life? Sprained knee. Steve Bernier, Soph's cheri amour? Strained groin. Even Foppa, Pops' hockey husband has been affected by our curse, as he too has missed some time with a groin problem! In light of all these recent injuries, Soph and I were completely downtrodden when the latest one rolled in: "OH NO! Not Randy Jones!!!" We had just seen his Cribs video over the weekend so we were in the height of Randy Jones love euphoria, signing songs like, "Me and Mr. Jooooones" and "Randy, you're a fine boy. What a good d-man you would be! But your life, your love, and your lady, is Phillyyyyy!" Yes, Randy Jones, one of our fave Flyers d-men who actually gets to play (sorry Lasse, I don't know why John Stevens hates you!) has a hip injury. Boo hiss! I'm picturing him hobbling around his house like an old man with only his dog to keep him company. Poor Randy! I feel like we should apologize in advance to players we like... because apparently we injure them and kill their grandmothers! (Sorry Kyle and Pretty Ricky... and your mom-moms!)

To top it all off, Soph and I are going to the Flyers-Islanders game on March 23rd... In fact we had just bought the tickets when we heard that Randy Jones was injured. I'm so glad some of our faves on both teams may not be playing! (Actually, we're still really excited about the game, I can't lie! Woo!) We may actually be cheering FOR the Flyers, for once! Lupul's crazy vortex eyes will hypnotize us into submission.

Only the semi-fro can detract from the vortex eyes!

P.S. If you haven't heard, the Sharks are hot shit right now, winning their last 11 games, a franchise record and a league best for this year. We'd just like to point out their streak started on February 21st when we saw them play against the Flyers. Coincidence? We think not.

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kristin said...

I'm glad y'all are back. 9 days without a post was just too many!!

I kinda like Joffrey's little semi-fro. It keeps you from being totally overwhelmed by his eyes! Without the fro, we'd all be walking around singing songs about Joffrey. Although "Joffrey" is certainly harder to work into a song than "Randy".