Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I refuse...

I refuse to be the only one making any effort in this relationship, Sharks. So when they start caring, I'll start caring again. Granted as far as threats go, it's as empty as they come. If they continue being unmotivated, then there won't be anymore playoffs for them. Arg! What's going on here? Have they regressed to February when had that have-the-lead-but-lose-anyway streak?

At least I still have the Flyers.

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chochotay said...

Oh, how the mighty have fallen!
I never thought I would see the day when the now unmentionable team of faves would be cast aside and the world would be splashed with black and orange. (Don’t worry Chee-choo, this turn of events won’t affect our relationship. However, you may want to keep some Kleenex on hand for *yle and M*lan; they must be distraught).

I guess I can suspend my disbelief knowing that this arrangement is only temporary, and the probable cause: PLAYOFF FEVER!