Wednesday, April 9, 2008

It's not worth winning if you can't win big!

Well folks, it's time to break out your jerseys and puffy paint shirts because the playoffs are now upon us! I just love this time of year, especially because my primary east and west coast teams are in the playoffs! Things were looking a little hairy there for the Flyers, I'm glad they were able to squeak on in by winning their second to last game. I don't know how I feel about them going up against Washington, though. Not only are those bitches on a roll of late, but they are also powered by Ovechkin, which is never good for opposing teams. I'm curious to see how this debacle will shake out, but obviously, Soph and I have to throw our support behind the orange and black.

As for our fave team, the Sharks, I'm not thrilled that they draw the Flames. The Flames scare me, not gonna lie. After seeing Kiprusoff's crazy performance in the 'o4 Finals, I wouldn't underestimate him. And they have Iginla. BUT the Sharks boast a Hart Trophy winner and a stellar goalie of their own, not to mention a team that I much prefer. What about that crazy point streak they went on in March, huh? And the penalty-palooza from last Sunday. The Sharks are a force to be reckoned with! I must add, I still have to hate the Flames based on the '04 Finals. I used to be quite a Tampa fan (not for any of the obvious stars but for Ruslan Fedotenko, duh), and even though they prevailed in '04, I still have some animosity toward Calgary. After all, Iggy did wind up fighting Vinny (scandalous!), Kipper is a redhaired boy (ew!), AND Robyn Regher practically decapitated my beloved Rusty in game three (that ass!). They must have some bad karma left over from that! I'll just hate the Flames even more if they mess with any of my Sharks boys!

(If you aren't convinced that you should dislike Calgary, here's some more info to sway you... the '88 Calgary Olympics were not kind to some of our favorite movie characters. Despite bringing some bright clothes and lucky eggs to the Games, the Jamaican bobsled team did not secure a medal. And Doug Dorsey suffered a career ending injury while playing for the U.S. hockey team. Thank god he had figure skating to fall back on!)

I guess I have to acknowledge the Wild-Avs series as well, since Foppa is playing and all. Personally, I prefer the Wild these days. Yes, the Avs may have been the west team of my childhood but the Wild just seems to collect my favorite former Flyers, like Kim Johnsson, Branko Radivojevic, and Todd Fedoruk... Not to mention that the state of Minnesota would likely shut down if their team won the Cup. And if we once again turn to cinema to make our decisions for us, Gordon Bombay was the Minnesota Miracle Man... need I say more? Sorry Foppa!(Sidenote that Pops' second fave west team is Minnesota, so this series should be interesting for him!)

To further help devoted fans figure out which teams will have playoff success, we systematically determined how the playoffs will shake out and how many games each series will last... by picking names out of a hat! So without further adieu, here are your playoff victors:


Nashville- 5 games
San Jose (ah, yes!)- 4 games
Minnesota (sorry Pops!)- 7 games
Anaheim- 7 games

Boston- 7 games
Pittsburgh- 7 games
Washington (booooo!)- 4 games
Rangers- 6 games


San Jose (wooooo!)- 5 games
Anaheim- 5 games

Pittsburgh-4 games
Washington-4 games
Conference Finals

Anaheim (no freakin' way!)- 6 games

Washington (for serious???)- 6 games

Stanley Cup Finals

ANAHEIM- 5 games

Really? The Ducks are going to be the first team to win back-to-back Cups since Detroit did it in '97 and '98? I can't agree with that, certainly, but how can you go wrong with this systematic selection method? Anyway, after each round, we'll pick again from the cards and see how close we actually get to being right...

Bring on the playoffs!!!!!

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chochotay said...

it is clear, Jess and Soph, that you are hard-core sharks fans, so i'm sure you must be disappointed with the outcome of tonight's game. what a sad start to the playoffs. one can only hope that the sharks are holding back to make a dramatic come from behind!