Friday, April 11, 2008

Playoff Fever!

It's been an interesting start to the Sharks-Flames series... As expected, Kiprusoff has been freakin' fantastic but the Sharks got off to a less than stellar start, losing game one and generally looking lackluster. (This throws our original "Sharks in four" prediction out the window. How could this have happened after we were so thorough in our analysis?!) It's a good thing Soph and I have secured a remote location on campus to watch the games on TV... since we yell. A lot. Anyway, here are some gems from last night's viewing... when we weren't pulling our hair out.

Giggles: So wait, why are the Flyers "Back with a Vengeance"? Were they not so good last year?
Me: Uh... yeah... I guess that also sounds better than "Back to Not Suck" !

Me: Watch out, that popcorn's gonna turn into gold in a few minutes!
Giggles: Why?
Me: Because the Cup changes EVERYTHING!

Oh yeah, so Giggles is all gung-ho about this whole playoff thing. Tonight, she even said, "I just want to watch the game!" We've finally converted her! We now all have playoff fever... so much so that the last thing Giggles said before going to bed was, "Go Sharks!" She's also really fascinated by the whole playoff beard issue. I must say, it looks like Kyle used the end of the regular season to get a jump on his post-season scruff... either that or he can grow a small beard in about an hour. Some guys, though, look like they're going to need a little more time, like Joe Pavelski for instance. (But he has such clear, radiant-looking skin that I can only be jealous of him.)

Game 1 may have gone downhill quickly for the Sharks, but one guy had a pretty impressive game. Ryane Clowe scored both the Sharks goals. Now Soph and I aren't Clowe fanatics BUT with Giggles' help, we did make up a nice little ditty in honor of him:

(Sung to the tune of "Low" by Flo Rida, aka "Apple Bottom jeans, boots with the fur")

Teal jer-sey,
Blood on the chin.
The whole Tank was looking at him.
He hit the ice,
It was so nice,
Talkin' 'bout Clowe, Clowe, Clowe, Clowe, Clowe etc

We've got some bangin' hip-hop and R&B flavor, clearly.

We enjoyed tonight's game much more. Granted, it was crazy with all those penalties, but the Sharks looked more like the team that finished second in the league, much to our relief. The announcers on tonight's feed also use the fascinating pronunciation of "Muh-cholic" for Milan Michalek's last name. (We thought it was "Muh-hall-ick" but apparently, we're in the minority.) Since Milan is Soph's fave Shark, here are her thoughts on this pronunciation:

Soph: It sounds like an illness a baby would have. "Oh, I didn't get any sleep last night, my baby's suffering from Muh-cholic!"

The game also turned bizarre in the second period when the sound got really wobbly and distorted. We had great fun singing "Under the Sea" and comparing the announcers to Mr. Ed.

So now the Sharks get a little break before trying to take the series lead in Calgary on Sunday, and the Flyers open their series tonight in Washington. (Can someone explain to me why the Sharks and Flames opened their series on the first day of playoffs and played back to back games when the Flyers get two extra days off? Everyone knows the travel is harder in the west than in the east... boo.) Hopefully, Gator will be back for Game 1... They could certainly use a veteran defenseman, not to mention someone who also can grow a sizable beard in approximately one hour.

PS- Kristin, I hope you're cheering for the Sharks since Jim Vandermeer is playing for the Flames! Ew!

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