Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Tastykakes are a vengeful pastry

When I asked Soph how I could best sum up attending last night's game at the Wachovia Center, her response was pretty straightforward: "It was the shit!" And she's damn right. I had never been to a playoff game before but it was total heart-pumping, ears ringing, voice losing, thunderstick banging MAYHEM! And we loved it! It may not have been the most fabulous game ever (at least not at the end after all that penalty killing... or when drunken idiots decided that it was prudent to boo the Canadian national anthem and chant "U.S.A." despite the fact that most Flyers are Canadian), but it was one hell of a good time nonetheless. Here are some quick thoughts:

-One cannot just say the word "vengeance," it must be yelled, as though you are about to launch into battle and your life depends on this one word... "VENGEANCE!!!"

-OMG We had a total meltdown over Umberger's goal because somebody upstairs must have thought it was Gator and had his name and face accompanying the replay on the scoreboard. Soph and I were totally freaking out about that one... for the five seconds it lasted.

-After seeing the Kate Smith/Lauren Hart rendition of "God Bless America" on TV before, I literally got chills seeing it in person. Crazy.

-I'm loving all these free giveaways for the playoffs... t-shirts (granted, it's a moo-moo on Soph and me but whatev), posters, thundersticks... It was so cool to look down on the lower level and see orange in every direction.

-Now we're adept at chanting not only "Let's go Fly-ers!" but also the ever popular "Ass-hole!" which was pretty constant during the third. "Bull-shit!" was tossed around too. We all had a nice round/echo type thing going on, since one section would kick it off and then all the other drunks and rowdies would chime in out of sync.

-I initially feared that the guys sitting next to us were Canadiens fans because they somehow bypassed the wave of orange giveaways at the door and were really quiet during the beginning of the game... until the one next to me let loose with a stream of expletives directed at the Flyers as encouragement for better puck movement. I was quite relieved by this.

Clearly, this game was pretty freakin' awesome, and I don't think any of my prior games could come close to last night's intensity. To get practically pushed on to the escalator amid a sea of orange clad people chanting "Let's go Fly-ers!" was like the coolest thing ever.

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