Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dancing with the hockey stars?

I know nothing about Dancing with the Stars, other than that my aunts are obsessed with it. However, I do know many random factoids about hockey, and today, when I went out to lunch with Soph (of course), my mom (aka Moo), and my two aunts, this is the conversation that took place:

Aunt #1: I think Kristi Yamaguchi's going to win this year.
Me: You know, she's married to a hockey player.
Aunt #1: Ohmygod, really?! (smacking Aunt #2 to get her attention) Hey, did you know that that hottie in the audience every week is a hockey player?
Aunt #2: What? Who?
Aunt #1: Kristi Yamuguchi's husband! He's a hockey player!
Aunt #2: Oh really? That good-looking guy is a hockey player?! What's his name?
Me: Bret--
Aunt #1: Yeah, what's his name?
Me: Bret Hedican.
Aunt #2 (aside to my mom): WHAT'S his name?
Moo: Bret Hedican, is it?
Me: Yeah, he plays for--
Aunt #1: Who does he play for?
Me: Carolina.
Moo: Is that the Hurricanes?
Aunt #2: What team's he on?
Soph, Me, and Moo: The Carolina Hurricanes!
Aunt #1: Oh. Is that the team Rusty used to play for?
Me: What? Oh, no, that's the Lightning. Wrong natural disaster.

Who knew that hockey and Dancing with the Stars could cause such mayhem? I actually have never seen Bret Hedican so I cannot judge his alleged attractiveness. But moms seem to like him. (Sidenote that this would be waaaaay more exciting if crazy, cross-eyed Chad Larose, our Hurricane of choice, was Mr. Yamaguchi!)

PS- WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED IN THE FLYERS GAME?! I minimize the game summary for like five minutes and suddenly it goes from 3-1 to 4-3! You go, boys. Rock it out. Maybe I'll have to watch the third period since I'm clearly shunning my schoolwork. I must add that I'm very pleased that Lupul and Gator got the assists on Umberger's goal!

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