Saturday, May 3, 2008

I can't believe it...

I just can't believe that the Sharks have forced a game 6. I honestly thought that they would be swept before game 4. And Milan has done so well, especially the last two games. Love him.

But I refuse to be too optimistic because I don't want to be extra disappointed. Although, even if they don't move on, it won't hurt as much if the Flyer's eliminate the Habs. At least then Papa's team will be out of it too, so he won't be able to tease me any more.

So... Let's go Fly-ers! (Clap clap clapclapclap)

Also, we miss you, Kyle. I hope your "groin" (otherwise known as your knee... at least Jess and I hope it's the already existant knee problem and not some new serious injury) feels better soon, we really miss watching you out there. We hope to see you on the ice before the end of the year or else it will be an especially long off season here at Slightly Saucy.


kristin said...

Did you see the game? That JR pass to Campbell was sweeeeeet! What a goal! Yay for staying alive! (Except for the Habs, they need to not stay alive tonight...)

Soph said...

I missed the first period, but that game was crazy, with those disallowed goals. That JR pass was beautiful. I've noticed that in this series whichever team scores first ends up losing. Hopefully they can keep it up and shock everyone by coming back and making it to the next round.

But no. The Habs need to not stay alive. It serves them right for having two rookie goalies, no matter how hot Price was. Plus imagine all the pressure they must be getting for being the only team in Canada left in the playoffs.