Sunday, May 18, 2008

Keep it going, part two

So on a rainy Sunday in the Philadelphia area, the Flyers attempt to extend this series. Let's hope today's a repeat of last Thursday! (As in, the Flyers win. Not that they almost blow a three goal lead and give everyone a heart attack!)

First Period

-I'm glad to see that Timonen's back, though I hope he's not going to be rusty after like two weeks off.

-So why do the Pens play the Jaws theme when they go on the PP? Hello, that's the Sharks thing. It doesn't translate as well when it's not a team called, um, the SHARKS!

-So mere minutes into the game, we're already down 1-0. Grrr... Thanks, Ryan Malone.

-Did you know that Malone has a crazy amount of tattoos? You could glimpse them a little bit under his jersey, and he talked about them in The Hockey News '06 All Access edition. Aaaand that's about all I know about him!

-In conjunction with our beloved "The Sun is Out" commercial, the sun has come out here too!

-Marty gets tangled up with Malone and loses his stick behind the net. Malkin proceeds to jam the puck in the net. 2-0. Come on guys, weather the storm here!

-As much as I dislike Upshall, he seems to some jump in this first period.

-Can someone explain to me why it's a penalty when Hartnell trips up Fleury in the trapezoid but not when Malone holds Marty's stick, causing him to lose it, in the trapezoid? Hmmm...

-Rutuu steamrolls Gator when he DOESN'T HAVE THE PUCK. (Rutuu, you ass!) Last time I checked, that was interference. Today, though, the Pens can do no wrong.

-So why exactly does Laraque want to fight Hatcher? The Pens are up 2-0, so why would you want to do anything that could potentially turn the tables in the Flyers favor? It's probably for the best that they don't drop the gloves, though. Losing Hatcher would be a bigger blow to the Flyers than the Pens losing Laraque, a fourth line player.

-Well, one of the refs finally see an indescretion by the Pens, and the Flyers get their first PP, though no goals come on it.

-Wait, wait, so Fleury was the first overall pick in '03? The same year as Steve and Milan? For some reason, I thought Fleury was older than that.

Second Period

-Wow, the Flyers start this period on the PP? I totally missed that high stick the first time around. Maybe the oficiating is going to even out now...?

-"He made a good job defensing..." Did I just hear the commentators correctly there? Because I don't think that's a verb. Sorry boys.

-When did Michel Therrien become "Michael"?

-Pops: "The Flyers have to start finishing their checks."
Me: "Or throwing some!"

-Is it just me, or is Fleury all teeth? I don't think you can be so toothy and be a hockey player, it just seems wrong!

-I'm glad that the first player they show while discussing playoff beards is Gator! His ample fuzz certainly is impressive, as is his permanant five o'clock shadow the rest of the time!

-3-0. It's now or never.

-Well, the second period was quite a debacle. The Flyers are really going to have to claw to miracle themselves out of this 5-0 hole.

Third Period

-6-0. I just love these blow out elimination games.

-As the Flyers try to clear the zone, the puck takes about three bounces off various people and winds up back in the Flyers' end. That pretty much sums up today's game... nothing going their way.

-It's gotten to the point where I just want the Flyers to score one. Ruin this asshat's shut-out.

-Ugh, there's a close-up of the Pens' bench, and we are treated to Malkin's "duh" face and Crosby's 'stache. What a horrible way to end this game.


-Did anyone else see the guy crossing the ice with a shopping cart? What in the world is that for?

-The handshake line is so depressing when your team is on the losing end of it.

-While we wait for the festivities to continue, Pops and I imitate Gary Bettman's usual soliliquy and accompanying head bob.

Pops: "Well, first I'd like to thank the Philadelphia Flyers, Ed Snider, Paul Holmgren...

Me: "And now, I'd like to congratulate the Pittsburgh Penguins, the city of Pittsburgh, Mario Lemieux, Ray Shero, Michel Therrien, Sidney Crosby... Geez, if he was at the Oscars, he'd get played off the stage!"

-After this conversation, we're disappointed to find that Gary Bettman is not, in fact, going to present Cindy with the Prince of Wales trophy; Bill Daly is. Even though I'm yelling, "Pick it up, Sid," he leaves it on the table, not jinxing his team for the next round. Booo.

Well, even though today's game sucked, the Flyers did put together a great playoff run. I had my doubts that they'd make it out of the first round, let alone fall in game five of the Eastern Conference Finals. And dispatch two division winners. They've certainly rebounded well from their illustrious position as worst team in the NHL last season, and they showed a lot of heart and spunk.

And now, we get to look forward to the long off-season and all its uncertainties. Sigh.


kristin said...

ha! I totally thought of you when the "the sun is out" commercial came on!!!

Not only is Fleury all teeth, but he seems to have no bones in his face. It's weird!

This was such a sad game. The final five minutes of the third period seemed to last about 40 minutes, and I just wanted it to end!

They had a great season and a great playoff run. We should be proud of our boys!

Jess said...

haha I'm glad everyone is enjoying "The Sun Is Out"!

And Fleury seemed to have a strange voice or something too. Maybe it was just his accent, but when he opened his mouth, I was like, "Whoa!" That was not the voice I was expecting to hear!

I know, what a depressing end to the season. Maybe it was better that they got blown out... that way, we had time to adjust to the fact that the season was ending. It wasn't as much of a shock as when the Sharks were ousted in four OTs...

We defintely should be proud of the Flyers. They had a fabulous run going and they certainly rebounded from last year! You go, boys!