Saturday, May 3, 2008

Let's go, Fly-ers!

This game gave me a near heatattack. I called Jess early on in the first period to find out that it was 1-0 Habs, no wait it was tied up. I took the boys to a friend's house, saw some dad's watching the Phillies' game so I shadily asked them if they knew the score: 3-1, Flyers losing. Went back home and the boys and I watched the Flyers go from 3-2 to 3-4. When their parents came home, their mom went upstairs to check the score for me, 4-4. When I come back to the dorm, I ran up to Jess' room where she told me that the Flyer's just scored, making it 4-5. I was so relieved with Knuble's empty netter.

I'm just so happy and content. The team that no one thought would advance past the Capitals, is going to the Conference Finals. They took out two division champs (one the best team in the East) along the way. At one point near the end we were worried that they wouldn't even make it to the playoffs. And here they are, just owning.

Sharks, please pay attention and be more like the Flyers and play with grit and heart. Stand up for yourselves. No one's going to slap a bow on the Stanley Cup and just give it to you because you're oh so talented, you've got to earn it.

(Side note: We posted 4 times today? Wow, Jess and I are really procrastinating on this paper.)

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