Sunday, May 4, 2008

Morrow I HATE you!

I hate hate hate hate hate hate HATE you. What did Milan ever do to you, you ass?! If I see you, Morrow, I'm putting you in the wall like I'm Warren Wallace and you'll need to be dragged into the dressing room.


kristin said...

hey ladies, sorry about your loss last night. Nabby really made some incredible saves in OT to keep y'all in it. Hope you stayed up until 3 am to watch it like I did! haha!

I didn't see what happened to Milan though...fill me in! (although i did see him walking through the tunnel with his shirt unbuttoned looking kinda gimpy...he needs to do some more crunches!!!)

Soph said...

Oh yeah we stayed up for all four overtime periods, regardless of the fact that we both had a term paper and a final the next day.

The goalies did a crazy good job and made some incredible saves. But unfortunately the Sharks woke up a little too late in the series.

At the end of the third, Milan had his head down and Morrow hit him really hard along the boards and Milan's head kinda of snapped backwards, and he had to be helped off the ice by two guys. Apparently he only had the wind knocked out of him, but I find that really hard to believe because if it was just that he would have come back during those four overtimes. Milan is a biiig boy, he's 6'2" and like 225 pounds, but he moves like the wind so conditioning must not be an issue. Plus, I like my boys with a little pudge! Was I the only one who enjoyed seeing him walk around near shirtless, because I feel like I am. My poor zátylek hejsek (according to a translator thing that's scuffy puppy in Czech).