Thursday, May 8, 2008

Oh, injuries...

On the eve of the Flyers-Penguins series, I'm so relieved to hear that one of the Flyers top defenseman (if not THE top defenseman) and minute-munchers Kimmo Timonen is going to be out indefinitely out with a blood clot in his foot. That really puts me at ease heading into the series. Arrrrgggghhhh! Do I just hex Flyers d-men named Kimmo? Kim Johnsson also broke his hand in the '04 playoffs... Coincidence?

Speaking of coincidences, I believe the Sharks-Stars four overtime game happened exactly eight years to the day after the Flyers-Penguins five overtime game, which was on May 5, 2000. I guess hockey players just like to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in their own unique way...

Okay, so the Timonen injury sucks, but was not all doom and gloom today as they featured an article on Gator! Aww, Gator, how I love you and your ability to grown a beard in mere hours and have a daily black eye. It's a cool article about his career and the different guys he learned from. (He also talks a little about being a young dad, and talking about the fam is always favorable with Soph and me. We like a good "Awww!") I'm glad they refer to him as a "father figure." Too bad they don't follow that up with "preacher teacher," which is the first thing I thought of.

Not to be outdone, the Sharks posted an article on their site about the various and sundry injuries that their players had. I can't believe the stuff these guys play through like it's no big deal. "Yeah, let me just ice up my sprained MCL and shrug off my ruptured sports hernia. I'm good to go." At least they'll have the off-season to mend. (Especially Kyle. Our perfect man can't have a groin injury as well as his usual knee problems! Apparently, his body didn't get the memo that he's perfect.)

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