Friday, May 9, 2008


Okay, so the Flyers are losing, but clearly I'm the winner tonight! Versus had on this show all about Sidney Crosby (booo!) before the Flyers-Pens game started, so Giggles and I were flipping channels in disgust. WELL, once the show's credits started rolling, they show Marty Biron talking about Cindy, and I'm like, "Aww, Marty," and then they cut to another guy talking about Sid and I'm like, "Hey that guy looks familiar..." And then it sank in... it was Kyle! Our Kyle, our perfect man! On a show about Sidney Crosby! I could only flail my arms and squeak with overwhelmed joy! And fan myself with Giggles' homemade "Let's Go Flyers!" sign! Even though the Sharks are out, I'm glad I still get a Kyle sighting! Though I'm sad Giggles recognized him before me. (Me: "It just doesn't make sense why he would be on a show about Crosby. He's not playing him today or anything." Giggles: "I was just like, 'Hey, I've seen you before, all over our room!'") Soph, we have to see if we can find this show on YouTube or something because I was too overwhelmed to tape it/even focus on what Kyle was saying!

EDIT: Here's the link to the last part of this show, the part that includes Marty and Kyle.


chochotay said...

well, great! i'm sure you're thrilled to be able to watch that segment over and over again and actually hear what he's saying this time...although i have to admit, it is rather hard to focus with him jumping all over the screen!...

^^^^^^ KYLE ^^^^^^
<--- KYLE--KYLE --->
vvvvvv KYLE vvvvvv

ALSO! i nearly missed the train to THE CITY while watching kyle and writing the above comment this afternoon...clearly i lost track of time because i was so mezmerized by
your (pl) PERFECT MAN!

Jess said...

What can I say, he just has that mesmorizing effect on people! You'll be happy to know that it took me about two seconds to start searching for this on YouTube after you left... because I'm a creeper.