Saturday, July 5, 2008

Dear Craig Rivet,

I'm very sorry that we had to dump you for salary reasons. I really liked you and whenever I dreamed of ditching Patty, you were always the one I wanted to be Captain. I know K-Mart will say that I'm not allowed to like you anymore because of your new team but I hope you do well and that you like it there.


Anyways, here's one of Jess and my favorite Shark Byte clips from Episode 4 featuring a mic'd up Anthony Craig Rivet.

We love ya, bud! And I'm going back to bed.


Jess said...

Aww Rivet! We're mopin' without ya, bud!

This Shark Byte is fantastic for so many reasons:

-Rivet's awesome Canadian accent ("Wowwwww" when Patzold denies his mic, "Phone your wife," etc.)

-"We're throwing this kid right under the bus!" (Aww, Pickles!)

-Joe's bizarre shorts in the beginning

-"Get that puck, Mitch!" (haha Oh JR!)

-And the piece de resistance... "Those are some big mitts!" as Kyle rubs Rivet's head.

Now that's entertainment! We'll miss ya, bud!

K-Mart said...

You only have to stop loving a player if they go to a hated rival :)