Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Everybody wants you!

Well, this obviously needed to be revisited!

So after a slow weekend, the NHL amped up the drama today with more free agent madness! Firstly, our beloved brooding single dad Gator signed with Ottawa. Sigh. I knew our time together with Gator would be short, but I was hoping he would go to a team I don't hate... namely the Sharks! But I suppose that Gator's love of cities with horrendous winters prevailed. Too bad he didn't go to Buffalo to become Craig Rivet's older d-man BFF! Later, Gator. :(

Steve: "Waaahhh, I'm not really Stretch Armstrong!"

And THEN, what to my wondering eyes should appear on TSN.com tonight, but a picture of Steve Bernier! My reaction? "Uh-oh, this can't be good!" Sure enough, the poor boy continues to be pulled in more directions than Stretch Armstrong! So the Sabres shipped him off to Vancouver last week, and now he's got an offer sheet from St. Louis! Which Vancouver allegedly matched? So much drama! Apparently, Vancouver and St. Louis seem to know that they will just be catapulted into the playoffs with the addition of the stunning Steve Bernier, who will not only provide them with a considerable dose of squee BUT also raw talent, a love of poutine, and an ability to botch up the English language! What's not to love?


kristin said...

Oh man, I'm totally changing my post title to "later gator."

How did I not think of that?

Jess said...

Don't feel bad! I wrote the whole post and then, at the last minute, was like, "LATER GATOR!" Duh!