Tuesday, July 1, 2008

It's July 1st... Do you know where your free agents are?

Well, apparently, they're not signing with the Sharks! But the Flyers were fairly busy... First, they shipped Denis Gauthier (that ass!) to LA. Soph hates Gauthier since he was responsible for a hit that tore her beloved Milan's ACL... when Milan was only in his SECOND NHL game! (Soph wanted to kick Gauthier in his knee when he passed by at this year's Carnival, but she managed to show great restrain.) So she's not thrilled that Gauthier will now play Milan eight times a year. Thanks for that, Homer!

The Flyers went on to sign Finnish d-man Ossi Vaananen (to join Homer's growing collection of Finns and d-men), Glen Metropolit (he played all 82 games last year for Boston... woo!), and Nate Raduns (who played for the Worcester Sharks last year! But we don't actually know anything else about him. I guess he'll be earmarked for the Phantoms?)

Here are some other note-worthy (and extremely random) signings!

-Well, Brian Campbell got his big money from Chicago. Should be an interesting debacle. Soph and I are so disappointed that he left the Sharks... not! (Actually, we are kind of disappointed that we lost our beloved Big Bear for nothing. Siiigh.) Sorry K-Mart, since you actually wanted Soupy! Maybe Homer will sign another d-man for you... he does love them so!

-And everyone's favorite axe-murderer-lookalike Patrick "Rizzle" Rissmiller signed with the Rangers. Aww, see ya Rizzle. So will the Sharks make Brown an offer then, since Rizzle left? (And if Doug hasn't already passed out at his desk from inactivity.) Hmm... the plot thickens.

-Joni "the hand-groper" Pitkanen got traded to Carolina. Consequently, my hands are trembling in anticipation of him returning to the eastern conference... eeek!

-And all other UFA forwards have been signed by Tampa... Feaster's goin' crazy!

UPDATE! (7/2) The Sharks remain inactive in the free agency madness (which might not be the worst thing in the world...), but the Flyers resigned some of the troops! They re-upped Riley Cote (so I guess his scary billboard will continue to greet people at the airport!) and Randy Jones (our perfect man in training). Woo!

Oh yeah, and if you want more up to the minute signing news, definitely check out TSN's Signings Tracker (http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/feature/?id=11353). NHL.com is just lightyears behind!


K-Mart said...

I cannot believe that Pikanen went for Erik Cole. Gator and Lupul are nice buy ERIK COLE? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!

Also Homer better sign Mark Streit now from Canadia to complete his defensive acquisitions.

Also any news on the movement of Knuble or Upshall or anyone?

K-Mart said...

Marc Svados is still available... he'd look nice in halloween colors...

Andre Kostitsyn is available too...

Oooh and Mark Recchi, he could retire a Flyer...

Kristian Huselius would be a nice addition too

Pavol Demitra is a UFA? I'd love to have him

Lol apparently Keith Primeau is a UFA

And I'd love it if we somehow landed Markus Naslund.

Remember Homer, it's fantasy hockey

Jess said...

Well, Streit was signed by the Islanders and Kostitsyn re-upped with the Canadiens... so you can cross them off your wish list!

I didn't know that Knuble and/or Upshall were rumored to be moved, but then again, I'm always the last to hear about rumors and stuff!

Homer doesn't seem to be engaging in the fantasy aspect as much as Tampa... Their motto seems to be, "Sign all forwards ASAP!!!!"

K-Mart said...

Dammit I want some big names! Hossa went to Detroit, which I find hilarious.

Soph said...

I want any names! Gawd Doug Wilson, way to be inactive, as usual. Even though it's probably for the best that he doesn't go free agent crazy, I can't help but feel like the kid who only gets practical gifts on their birthday.

Could the Flyers actually afford any names right now?

Jess said...

I imiagine it's quite a slap in the face to the Pens that Hossa would sign with the Red Wings. And I'm kind of surprised the Wings made such a splashy signing! They always seem so practical...

Maybe Doug turned his phone off, anticipating the free agency madness. "No, no, we're good, thanks anyway!"

Jess said...

haha Make that "imagine," which I apparently can't spell!

And Huselius signed with Columbus, those busy little bees.