Friday, July 4, 2008

Meet me in the front office, it's goin' down!

Soph and the camo-pants-wearing Craig Rivet

What a freakin' insane 4th of July it's been for some NHL GMs! Especially Doug Wilson, who seems to have finally turned his phone on and thrown himself into some free agency/trade madness! Soph, you just had to go into the hospital for things to get crazy! Okay, let's recap:

-After dipping into free agency yesterday by nabbing Rob Blake, the Sharks acquire Dan Boyle (and fellow d-man Brad Lukowich) from Tampa by trading young d-man Matt Carle and a goody bag of other things, like prospect Ty Wishart and some picks. I think this will help the Sharks quite a bit. For starters, Boyle's a veteran who's won a Cup. I liked him during my Tampa love affair, and I think he'll be the offensive d-man that the Sharks need. Plus, I think he's more defensively responsible than Soupy is. But hey, we'll see how this all plays out in mere months. I know less about Lukowich, other than that he was also on Tampa's Cup team. And DW unloads Carle, whom Soph and I dislike, so it's a win-win trade for us! Huzzah!

-THEN the Sharks continued to be crazy wheeler-dealers and send Craig Rivet (Rivs!) to Buffalo for some picks. Waaaahhh! Rivet was a grizzled veteran, but he seemed to really take the young d-men (like Pickles!) under his wing, and he had a pretty good first full year with the Sharks. And he was really funny in Shark Byte, teasing Pickles and Christian and being Kyle's old d-man BBBFF. (He also introduced us to the joys of saying "bud" and "eh" whenever possible!) This trade totally blindsided me. I figured a d-man would be going with the influx of new guys (Blake, Boyle), but I didn't think it would happen so soon! (Or that it would be Rivet, since all the rumors had our perfect man on the trade block. Oh noes!) I must say that Doug needs to stop shipping everyone off to Buffalo and instead send them on down to the Flyers! (Well, unless we don't like them, then he can send them to Siberia... or Edmonton.) Well, with the Rivet trade, we have someone new to like on Buffalo, which reminds me...

-The Sabres kicked off today's madness by trading our beloved Big Bear Steve Bernier to Vancouver. Vancouver! Who's he going to hang out with, the Sedins?! (Well, maybe Steve can get them to be cooler!) They were the only players Soph and I could immediately name, other than Luongo! Poor Big Bear. It must suck to be traded from the west coast to the east coast to Canada all in the span of six months. And the Buffalo fans seemed to be so smitten with him too... Oh well. Hopefully, the fans will be good to him in Vancouver.

Whew! I'm so thrilled the insanity of the trade deadline is back now... NOT! All right, GMs, tone it down again. I'm a skittish little being, I can't handle all this!


K-Mart said...

Wow so I'm watching ESPN Classic, and it's the Hawks vs. Pens fom the 1992 Cup Finals. Jeremy Roenick looks SO YOUNG in that game. It's weird.

Jess said...

haha It's funny to envision JR as something other than a 30-something grizzled veteran!

And I guess I'll add ESPN Classic to the list of channels that I wish I had, along with VH1 Classic!

K-Mart said...

ESPN Classic has only been interesting to me on a few occasions. During Bowl week for college football, they show some great old games which is cool, before Grand Slams they show old Bjorn Borg/John McEnroe matches and other classics, and every once in awhile they will show classic hockey games. I was watching the one today and it was 6-5 in the third period. In a Stanley Cup Finals game. That NEVER happens anymore. I felt like every shot was going to go in. The funny thing was, it was Dominick Hasek in net for the Hawks.

Jess said...

Hmm, I guess what I really want then is NHL Network! I need all hockey, all the time!