Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What a big tease you are NHL

That Sharks released a little of next season's schedule. Their opener is on the 9th against the Ducks (which is also the season opener, so no start on the road this year). Because of the change in scheduling, next year the Sharks will play the Penguins, the Lightning and the Flyers twice next year! I'm so excited, I'm bouncing in my chair. Well, the Penguins aren't terribly exciting, but if I was home for that game I could always go and make magnificent posters that would cause Rusty to have an epiphany and he would feel so guilty for having willingly signed with the Penguins, he would demand a trade right then and there. During warm ups. Tampa will be interesting because they've been a three ring circus this off season. The most exciting is the Flyers. I honestly wasn't really expecting the Sharks to play the Flyers at all next year considering that the Sharks were in Philly last February. Not a bad bunch of teams to be playing twice, I could certainly think of lamer teams. Now, if only they said what the dates were. But the whole schedule is supposed to be released at noon (Flyers-time, not Sharks) tomorrow.

Now the Flyers three Western Conference choices aren't as exciting to me (barring the Sharks, of course). They're playing the Avalanche, the Sharks (!!!) and the Kings. I'm really pissed that their home opener is on the 11th. I'm flying back home for Fall Break on the morning of the 11th. Way to mess it up, NHL schedulers. I wonder if I can convince my parents to change my ticket for the 12th...

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