Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summer Vacation with the Flyers

As a lot of you know, the off season is hard (I continue to ask, as I have for a long time, is it time for hockey yet?). Aside from the draft and free agency there's not a whole lot to write about. But hockey bloggers aren't the only ones scrounging for stuff to do in the long months of summer. Here's what some of the Flyers have been doing this long off season:

  • Mike Richards' training this summer has consisted of him standing in front of his bathroom mirror with a paper cutout "C" pinned to his shirt, practicing momentum-changing one-liners like "We've got to work hard out there tonight boys" and different captainly facial expressions.
  • Derian Hatcher has been doing some acting this off season. You've probably recognized him as the Caveman in the Geico commercials.
  • Fueled by his resemblance to famous musician Sir Paul McCartney, Danny Briere attempted to form an Beatles tribute band. Unfortunately the plans were put on hold with Braydon Coburn's flat out refusal to be Ringo.
  • Randy Jones has been taking an intensive summer course taught by teammate Simon Gagne on Hair Gelling 101.
  • When not instructing teammates on personal style, Simon Gagne has been working on his ad campaign to remind Flyers fans that he is still, in fact, on the team.
  • Joffrey Lupul has one goal for this off season: to successfully tune his guitar by training camp.
  • This summer, Antero Niittymaki has been perfecting the recipe for new kind of sushi that would be worthy to be called "Niittymaki".


Jess said...

ahahahaha Soph, hilarious work! I especially love the one about Coburn and Danny Briere!

Anne said...

HA. Danny Briere does look like Paul McCartney, why did I not notice this in the years he was a Sabre? Hahahaha.