Sunday, August 24, 2008

You say goodbye, and I say hello

Okay, so the Olympics ends tonight. I'm kind of sad to be losing my summer guilty (?) pleasure, but track and field (bor-ing!) has helped me to break my total addiction. (Thank god, or I would have been weeping over my Michael Phelps Sports Illustrated until 2012!) Goodbye Olympics. I love you, and your dramatic theme music, and your glorious medals, and your constant intrigue. See ya Michael Phelps. Your eight gold medals were a fabulous diversion from the lazy, hazy, hockey-less days of summer. (And, as if that's not exciting enough, when I was down the shore last weekend, you became my aunt's Olympic BF! "Jess! Jess! Get in here, Michael's on!!!") Bye bye Garrett Weber-Gale. If you come back in four years, you can resume being my Olympic BF, no questions asked! (Unless you hyphenate your name some more. That may be a deal-breaker.) Peace out Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson. You ladies are crazily talented. I wish I could do a gymnastics routine without endangering my life!

Okay, so the Olympics are ending, but guess who's coming back tonight! Yes, our beloved Soph returns to the east coast! YAAAAAAAAY!!!! Welcome back Soph!

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Maali said...

hi :) I found you guys via SportSquee, and am blogrolling. Would love a link back! Thx :) Keep up the great writing!