Saturday, September 6, 2008

Picture Show 'n' Tell

Um. So when I get bored (read: every day of my life), I just look up a lot of random stuff and every once and a while I happen upon some really amazing stuff and I thought I'd share some of the stuff I've found. (If ya don't like it, well just shoot me. It's not like there's anything else going on.)

Like, apparently ladies aren't the only ones who can't keep their hands off of Lupul.... Where's the other arm, Downie? HMMMM?!

And Baby Bear!!! (I am not a stalker... I found these on a facebook group, I swear)

Speaking of baby players, I love this pimp face that Pickles is making here.

LOL you European boys and your murses! Apparently they are more essential to complete an outfit than a shirt. If you didn't know.

It's nice to know that even though Jonathan Cheechoo is a big time hockey star, he still does all the mundane chores, like grocery shopping...

The 1995 draft was a pretty damn good one for Jess and me. It gave us two of our booooyz, Marty Biron and Kyle McLaren. Too bad we were like eight at the time.

Now this picture reminds me of my experience playing any sport. Sitting on the grass, away from all the action, making daisy chains.

Those Germans sure love Sharkie. Marcel's probably asking Santa Sharkie for more ice time.


Anne said...

Baby Big Bear wins. He's so adorably pudgy! Hahaha awww I think I'm really going to miss Big Bear this season. He was only in Buffalo for a hot minute but what a HOT minute it was. WOOO!

Jess said...

He was only in Buffalo for a hot minute but what a HOT minute it was.

OMG Anne, you're hilarious. We tend to refer to young Steve as Baby Bear... because we're creepers.

haha I greatly enjoy pimp baby Pickles in his Canadiens robe. What a face he's making!

K-Mart said...

So I just facebook stalked you both for your email addresses... hope you don't mind :D

K-Mart said...

I posted a "n00bs guide to fantasy hockey" thread on the fantasy league homepage. Hopefully that will help you guys out.

Jess said...

Thanks K-Mart! Even with your help, though, I'll probably be more than slightly sucky!

K-Mart said...

You gotta learn sometime! Besides, it'll be a fun league, and you'll learn, so next season you'll be better.

Jess said...

Okay, that sounds good. The Killer Cupcakes will DOMINATE! (...Or something.)