Thursday, September 4, 2008


So your favorite slacker bloggers are baaaaack! Soph and I have been reunited, and we're back at school for senior year... which may kill me before I ever graduate, but that's another story entirely!

Today was a very exciting day for Soph and me... We're officially COOL! Because MJ of the fantabulous My Safety Is Harvard says so! Woo! I don't know what it is about Sabres' bloggers, but they are totally hilarious. Sabretooth's House is also amazing. I'm so glad Anne and S(h)ara update like a million times a day because I check their blog just about that frequently. When I asked Soph if there were specific posts that our readers should check out, her response was, "No, read everything on both blogs. Immediately." Why did our beloved Steve Bernier have to be traded from Buffalo, the land of amazing girl bloggers, whyyyyy? At least Craig Rivet is there to be to the Shark-turned-Sabre that we can love and adore.

Anyway, with training camp finally on the horizon, we have some actually hockey news to report! But since we haven't posted in ages, this is old news by now...

-Forget about Peter Piper's pickled peppers, we'll be having VLASIC PICKLES for the next five years!!!!! What a bizarre love affair we've had. First, we thought Pickles was cool based on nickname alone, then we hated him for awhile, then we met him, and he accidentally brushed my hand while giving back my Sharks yearbook, and it was love at first creeperish sight. Siiiiigh.

-Working the Corners revealed that our beloved Kyle McLaren was not sidelined during the playoffs due to a groin injury but rather a sports hernia! (They never lie about injuries in the playoffs, nah...) Gasp! Our poor, oft-injured Perfect Man!

-The Flyers have unveiled their '08-'09 slogan... "HUNGRY FOR MORE" (insert copious exclamation points here). It's not quite as exciting as VENGEANCE(!!!111!!!!), but it's pretty darn tough. The new Flyers slogan is much more intense than the Sharks' current one, which is long and boring: "We've added new pieces to the puzzle... Come see how they fit together" Come on guys, you can be tougher than that!


Anne said...

Ha, thanks for the shout out guys! You can always tell when i have reading to do, beeeeeecause that usually is represented by a random rambling post about nothing. Its SWEEET.

BIG BEAR! Had to toss that out there, sorry.

Pickles is awesome he looks like he could be Jason Pominville's little brother and like he never gets any of the jokes but laughs anyways. Maybe in the next 5 years Patty Marleau can clue him in.

Soph said...

No problem, Anne. It's the least we could do. Your blog is genius. I don't know how many times it had me in fits of silent giggles at work.

No need to apologize for Steve. Big Bear is always welcome here!

Ha, Jess and I often compare Pickles to a dopey puppy that misses the doorway and runs into the wall... a lot. Actually, I'm kinda convinced that he probably does it all the time.

Jess said...

I don't know how many times it had me in fits of silent giggles at work.

Oh yes, very true. Anne, your blog created an epidemic of silent giggles at inappropriate times!

And Big Bear can be included in any conversation, of course.

Oh Pickles, what an endearing dopey puppy you are!

M.J. said...

YAYAYYAYAYAY !! I am happened to have found people who will support my unhealthy fascination with Joffrey Lupul. YES!! I can finally admit it out loud!!!

and this blog is FANTASTIC and I look forward to pimping you guys out as much as possible.

Please do not be frightened off by my incessant Mike Ryan ramblings. I swear I'm harmless!, mostly

Jess said...

Oh MJ, your love of Lupul is safe with us. Because every girl who sees the man falls immediately in love with him, it seems (like our other roommate, for instance). His prettiness is just that magnetic.

Well, your blog is quite amazing too! It also contributed to my constant "silent giggles at work" problem!

haha No, we enjoy hearing about your beloved future ex-husband, because really, who doesn't have one of those?