Friday, October 17, 2008

All I want for my b-day...

Is a Perfect Man too much to ask for?!

So, as we've all come to accept (although some -coughJessandmecough-far less graciously then others) that for the time being Kyle McLaren will be playing for the Worcester Sharks seeing how no one claimed him either time he was going through waivers (How insulting must that be, to go through that 24 hours in limbo... twice... in such a short period of time. And be rejected both times). Jess and I are filled with such deep resonding regrets, like how I'll never get to weird him out by showing him that pog I bought on eBay.

But! Apparently because they are cool, the Baby Sharks are sponsoring a Skate with the Sharks on the very day of my birth and Kyle will probably be there! On the flip side because they are not cool, they are in Massachusetts.

Also, this couldn't be any less related: Why are my top two teams such polar opposites?! The Sharks winning their first four, the Flyers losing theirs? I'm a little concerned that the world is going to explode when Greej and I go to see them on Saturday. Although, if world is going to explode could it please wait until after the 10/22 game so that I'll have had my birthday and so that Jess and I can collect our free give-away totes? K'thanx. For cereal though Flyers, you are starting to get me worried... Did they not get the memo that preseason is over? That these games count?


Jess said...

I know, the Kyle situation is so sad! If he wants to live with us, and kill bugs, and just generally be his perfect self, then we would TOTALLY claim him off waivers! (Um, I don't know how we'd pony up like $2 mil though. That may be the dealbreaker.)

The Flyers are definitely worrisome at this point. They could use Kyle or a similarly experienced d-man. Too bad they're so close to the cap.

haha I'm watching ANTM, and they just used a song from Shark Byte, much to my amusement!

K-Mart said...

I've pressed the panic button on this season already. A ten game losing streak nearly killed us last season when we started off strong, a slow start this season could doom us come playoff time. :(

kristin said...


deirdrebeth said...

I'm right there with you on the claiming Kyle off waivers. I even moved all the way to North Carolina just so he could be traded to an east coast team and still feel loved, but so far no dice. Now I just need to win a small lotto so I can take off work and head up to Worcester for a few games :-)