Friday, October 24, 2008

More post-mortem on the Flyers-Sharks game

Pickles is so happy to be on the east coast!

So as Soph mentioned, we went to the Flyers-Sharks game on Wednesday as part of SophieBirthdayTime, the month-long celebration that revolves around Soph's b-day and culminates with her giving back to the community on Halloween. But I digress...

Wednesday's game was also a momentous occasion because it was our roommate Giggles' first ever NHL game! Considering she (like Soph) was skipping across the Wachovia Center parking lot, cheering before the we even made it ino the building, she was mildly excited. (And she also painted a petite Flyers logo on her cheek for the occasion.) We opted to check out the Sharks' warm-up, since Giggles is a big Cheechoo fan, and when he came out of the tunnel, I thought she was going to keel over. We had to hold hands through the first few seconds of warm-ups, but she recovered nicely and was soon right up against the glass, taking pictures with Soph. Ah, hockey love.

The 7-6 game itself was OBVIOUSLY a defensive clinc. I have to say, the last OT game I went to was in '03, before the shootout even existed in the NHL, so don't I feel ancient.

Because school has consumed my life and soul this week and I'm still slightly in a fog, I can't remember a lot of specifics from the game. But let me see what I can come up with...

-Anne, you'll be happy to know that I noticed Pickles' rosy cheeks during warm-ups! No need to worry, your WCB is still looking like a twelve year old.

-John Stevens made Lasse a forward, because his job must not be in jeopardy enough?

-On the way to the game, we listened to some fabulous pump-up jams like "Hell's Bells" and "I Believe in a Thing Called Love," so we would be fully prepared to bring some VENGEANCE!!111! Also, we had to practice the Flyers' post-goal song, so we could properly "whoa" at the right time.
-The people in the boxes behind us were waaaaay more into the Phillies game, which reminds me that my mom is now in love with Cole Hamels. I guess we need to find her an appropriate Flyers bf, someone more recent than Joe and Jimmy Watson.

-It was Flyers' Go Green night so we got free TOTE BAGS. This is especially awesome because we went to hospitality night last year. Yeah, we're not really sure what that is either.

-Soph and I spent a good chunk of the game watching out for fantasy points. ("Ugh, that should have been Christian's goal!" "I hope Lupul gets a hat-trick for the sake of my team!")

As much as the Flyers have been more than slightly sucky, I love live hockey and I can't wait to go back. Can we go back now, pretty pretty please???


Anne said...

Ok, I saw that first picture and literally went:

"*slight gasp* Pickles!"

Ahahahha I'm so glad to hear about his rosy cheeks. I'm in such hockeylove with Pickles. There are a couple WCBs that have captured my fancy more than others and Pickles is DEFINITELY one of them.

Jess said...

Aww, I'm glad that you and Pickles are so happy together. Soph and I are such good little matchmakers!

You would have enjoyed Saturday's Flyers-Sharks broadcast. The one commentator definitely said, "Vlasic got himself into a pickle there" and laughed over it for like five minutes. Oh Pickles... such endless fun for everyone!

kristin said...

Regarding the bags they gave away: mine is still giving me a headache from the toxic paint they used to put the logo on there!!!

Jess said...

OMG Kristin, we had the same reaction when we got home! We thought it was the plastic bottom piece, so we threw those things away, and our roomie febrezed her bag... I guess we'll see if they ever stop reeking!

K-Mart said...

So is it just me, or does Joffrey Lupul's dad look really really young.

Jess said...

K-Mart, I guess you saw Lupul's dad in tonight's broadcast or something? (We don't have cable at school, so we're out of the loop!) In any case, we thought Lupul's dad looked really young last year in the dads' road trip video! They look like brothers or something!

K-Mart said...

Yea, I was stranded at home today, so I actually got to watch the game for once.