Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sharks and Flyers Shots

Jess is going to put up a summary of yesterday's game, but I wanted to put up pictures of the last two Sharks/Flyers games. So voila for your viewing enjoyment (and as Flyers fans know right now, it is really hard to find enjoyment right now


kristin said...

I'm totally in this picture!

behind his right shoulder, about 5 rows up next to the guy in the Flyers jersey. I was looking for you guys!!!

kristin said...

um, this picture. I guess the link would help!

Soph said...

Rats! We were keeping an eye out for a Micheal Leighton jersey but we weren't sure you were going to be there or where you usually sit.

We were standing right behind the Sharks net for warm-ups, but were weren't exactly Shark-ed out. Curses!

Oh well, twist our arm! We'll just have to go to another game.

Jess said...

Kristin, I'm so sad we missed you! Boooo!!!

Anne said...

"*slight gasp* Pickles again!"