Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Yo-mama-ween!

So yesterday started out as quite the suckfest. Soph had a very lengthy and draining treatment, which is super sucky, and then, because the stupid shuttle was running late, I missed my creative writing class afterward. Bitches! Just when we thought the day couldn't get any more suck-tastic, though, that goddess of sunshine and wonderfulness, Kristin, infused our lives with joy! She planted the INGENIOUS idea in our heads that the only way to salvage our day was to go to the Flyers-Islanders game. So at 7:00 last night, where were we? At the box office, buying $25 tickets to the game, woooo! I can't say I've ever done anything thaaaaat spontaneous before... like deciding at 5:00 to go and buy tickets for a 7:00 game that night. But it all worked out well. We got to see the game, the Flyers won (in OT, because Soph is an OT magnet these days. She's 3 for 3), Soph got to show off her sexy new Gator jersey, and we got to hear "Welcome to the Jungle," which for some reason was especially thrilling last night (because I like to pump up the jamz (?) I guess).

And then today was the Phillies' parade... which neither of us attended because I was too scared to cut Brit Lit (which I'm afraid to miss when I'm legitimately sick FYI) and Soph had to babysit. But considering it took Giggles all day to get into the city for the parade, and she wound up missing it entirely, it's probably for the best that we didn't go. We still got to catch some of the parade madness on the TV, and thank god we did because we got to see yet another endearing side of Jayson Werth:

Isn't he amazing? As if we didn't love him enough for his (weird) facial hair and crazy eyes...

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