Friday, November 14, 2008

Atta Boiyz!

I managed to miss the Flyers-Pens game, which sounds like it went something like this: disappointing, then exciting then back to disappointing again. But I what do I know, I didn't actually watch it. So for those of you who did, how was it really?

Buuuut, I did watch (some of... stupid college internet doesn't always get along with NHL Game Center) of the Sharks complete ownage of the Flames, mainly by these two gentlemen:

And these three upstanding members of the Defense (if you would please pretend that Mike Cammalleri is actually Rob Blake) certainly assisted (ha! Because they each had three assists last night... okay, I'll stop.) :

Oh Milan, I love it when you make me feel justified for making you my first favorite player like two years ago. It makes me grin like an idiot and feel all warm and happy.


Aces Papa said...

Good analysis of the Flyers game. We actually chased Fleury and still lost. The worst was watching the highlights on the NHL on the Fly. The Flyers were up 4-3 with about 3 to go and the announcer makes a comment about the Flyers first win in Pittsburgh in blah blah blah and then the flightless birds bury one past Biron. Can you guys spread the word about the lack of Sharks/Flyers players getting All Star votes?

K-Mart said...

We should pick out a game in like February to go to that way I can actually plan for it.

Soph said...

Yeah, K-mart! What games would work better for you? A weekend game? There are two Saturday games, the Islanders of 2/14 and the Penguins on 2/21. I don't know, what games would work better for you (since I imagine it's easier for Jess and me to get to the Wachovia Center from school than it is for you)?

K-Mart said...

Saturday's are definitely best. The Pens game is probably sold out, so I'd say we should shoot for the Isle's game.