Monday, November 3, 2008

Aww, blogger bffs!

So Soph, Giggles, Pops, me and various other random people went to the Flyers-Oilers game today as part of a trip we organized for French Club. (Soph and I really shouldn't be in charge of things... or else we make everybody else do stuff that we think is awesome.) The game itself was kind of interesting once the Flyers actually woke up in the third period. This resurgance may have resulted from the presence of the Phillie Phanatic, who actually HIGH-FIVED Giggles when we were on an ice cream mission. (Aren't you jealous?)

Or WAIT! Perhaps this third period shift in the Flyers favor was actually the result of Soph and me getting to meet the coolest person ever during the second intermission! That's right, Kristin graced us with her awesome presence. I swear, it's like she walks on water or something. Soph apparently saw her walking toward us in the concourse and was like, "There she is," and then she just magically appeared out of the crowd. So anyone who doubted my assertion in the last post that Kristin is a goddess of sunshine and wonderfulness, now you know the error of your ways! Feel shame! Anyway, Kristin bestowed upon us a fabulous card of Steve Bernier, artfully tackling some dude on St. Louis. Awesome! After our brief chat, the cosmic forces decided to align in the Flyers favor, and they started to look like a real living, breathing, shooting team. (It must have been the suggestions from section 223. The Flyers don't know when to shoot on their own. They needed an objective view on their suckitude.) However, the Flyers were unable to come back and tie it up. So OBVIOUSLY this means that had K-Mart also been there, the Flyers would have been able to complete their near comeback. The union of blogger forces is the only thing strong enough to snap the Flyers out of a funk, clearly.

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kristin said...

It was kinda cool the way the crowd parted and we were magically all together. It was like a movie scene!

And that third period goal was definitely the result of our meeting! Or maybe the result of me having a fancy new WJC hockey card with The Pronger and Gator on it!