Friday, December 12, 2008

Best. Game. EVER!!!!

Well, maybe not from the drop of the puck. But by the last buzzer, I was singing a different tune. You see, Soph and I went to tonight's Flyers-Hurricanes game after what had been a hellacious day, on many fronts. Not to mention the total monsoon that we had to run through just to get to the Wachovia Center. Being all wet and shivering through a totally boring first period did not make me a happy camper. Dollar dog night was the only redeeming thing about this game, until we got to chat with the coolest person ever (aka Kristin, to us common folk). And then the Flyers actually woke up and started to play... what a concept!

I really thought the game was done by the time we reached the 5-1 Carolina lead. But then Scott Hartnell scored a hat trick (which was totally cool to see, especially since Soph and I had JUST remarked that we had never seen a hat trick), and Scottie Upshall and Simon Gagne helped to get us into OT. The last few minutes of the third period were like the playoffs part deux... it was SO exciting, and that was even before we reached "Welcome to the Jungle" and revisited the "asshole" chant that we love so much. And, for once, we were sitting where the Flyers shoot twice, and we were behind the net, so we got to see all the third period goals up close and personal. (I know Kristin was jealous of our proximity to a certain Hurricane... too bad he never threw off his mask in a dramatic rage...) To win it in the shootout was just icing on the cake. What a fabulous game! I kept saying that I wanted some OT, but I didn't think it would actually happen! (I'm also glad that the Flyers finally won a game during which Soph and I chatted with Kristin... we were starting to think we were Flyers' jinxes!) After the game, when I called Pops, I didn't even get a "Hello," the first thing I heard was, "WHAT A GAME!!!!" That seems to sum up the night pretty well.

And now for something completely different... Today, while Soph and I were walking to the doctor in the pouring rain, we kept busy by discussing what may be the weirdest injury of the season so far: Joe Sakic breaking three fingers... because he stuck his hand in his snow blower to unclog it. Hmm. Why would that EVER be a good idea?! I'd like to think it's not poor Joe's fault, though. Pops used to keep a Joe Sakic card in our car, until his bizarro gf stomped on it and put a hole in it with her high heel. So Joe's probably still feeling the after-effects of her voodoo. In any case, Soph and I started to wonder what some other players' reactions would be if they had to unclog their snowblowers...

Scott Hartnell: Obviously, he'd throw his glove at it.

Pickles: He probably would never even manage to get it out of the garage, or figure out how to turn it on. Oh Pickles, I love you, but you're so dopey. It's a good thing you're in San Jose, so you can bypass this problem entirely.

Gator: He would give the snowblower a nice death stare and it would instantly start working again.

We had more, but now, of course, we can't remember them. Oh well.


kristin said...

Yay! What a game! I was worried about the jinxing effect of us all being at the game, but I think it is just the exchange of Pronger cards that does that.

This game ranks up there in my top five games (remember, I've only been a fan for 3 seasons, so I don't have much to work with)!

Jess said...

Sorry Kristin, but I guess it's the gifts that are the REAL jinx in this equation. No cards for you! (Or at least no more Pronger cards!) ;)

This game was amazing! I've never attended a game this exciting (except last year's playoff game) in eight years of liking hockey!

K-Mart said...

Flyers games are the same atmosphere of a Penn State football game, albeit a smaller crowd. That's why I'm so excited to go to my first game in TWO YEARS in February. What is this new song that they play after we score? I need to be prepared to help the Islanders understand their place in the world

Soph said...

Yeah, Flyers games can be crazy good, but I’ve been to a couple where the Wachovia Center has been like deadly quiet. Hopefully the Flyers can keep on kickin’ ass (I can’t believe that they are like what, fourth in the East? especially after that awful start to the season.) Especially if it’s going to be your first game in two years (wow, that’s a long time… that’s about the same amount of time that I’ve been into hockey)

The goal song is “Bro Hymn” by Pennywise. Jess and I didn’t know what it was when first heard it either. It’s not the greatest goal song, and I’m not really sure how it relates to the Flyers (The only thing I can come up with is that Philly is the city of brotherly love?)

It should be fun. I’m glad you’re pumped to go, too.

K-Mart said...

Just the fact that we have a song is pretty sweet. One of the reasons I love college football is because of the fight songs and the chants. It creates a much better atmosphere.

Soph said...

I think the Ducks have or at one time had that song too. The only real chant you need to know is "Hey Ref, you suck" apparently it can be put into the "Lets go Flyers" chant or the "Chicken Dance" song, which surprised me. It's really quite versatile.

K-Mart said...

Oh that's always a good chant. I just read your blurb about "asshole" and that's one of the fan favorites at Penn State games. Or "bullshit" when the ref makes a call against us. Or "you can't do that" whenever the other team takes a bad penalty. At the last Penn State game, it was like 10 degrees out and snowing, and we were up by like 30+ points with 9 seconds left in the game, and the MSU coach called all his timeouts back to back to back which caused us to have to wait another five minutes out in the cold before the game ended. Even the alumni were getting in on the asshole chant and that NEVER happens. Hearing 110,000 people chant asshole is pretty awesome.