Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Kristin = Awesome, as usual

I want to send some major thanks to Kristin for being an enabler. Your seats were really swell, but your section sure is rowdy. Definitely not a PG crowd. Although I was pleased that they've learned a new phrase to add to their repertoire of "Shoot the fucking puck" and assorted profanity, and this is a good one: "Skate!" Oh really? Jeff Carter isn't supposed to swim across the rink? Nor should Joffrey Lupul do the bunny hop across the blue line? The things I've learned tonight!

Unfortunately Jess had a bazillion things to do for tomorrow so I went with Pops… Jess' dad (I know it's weird, but just roll with it). We missed the first period because of general lateness. We also missed like all the other goals when we were held up getting the traditional 2nd period ice cream. But we did catch Steve Downie's goal and the thunderous boos that followed. It was really cool to see that penalty shot on Marty Biron in the last 16 seconds of the game (because someone (Scott Hartnell?) threw their glove at a Bolt on a breakaway? Like that's going to stop anyone, genius). Everyone went crazy chanting "Mar-ty! Mar-ty!" So intense. I'm glad that they won though (well, duh), because I was starting to worry that my Gator jersey was cursed.

Any who, thanks for the seats, Kristin. I hope you know that I'd be willing Photoshop stuff for you whenever. That offer totally still stands. Also, I hope that large obnoxious creepy man doesn't have permanent seat in front of you because not only is he borderline crazy, he also blocks a good portion of the ice with his bulk.

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kristin said...

You're welcome Soph...glad you and Pops had a good time. I truly enjoyed watching the game from the comfort of my own living room.

I don't think my section is rowdy, just that one dude with the balding ponytail that sits in front of me. And yeah, he does obscure the view of the ice just a wee bit. His actual seat is in the last row, but the usher lets him sit there if those people aren't there for the game. Yay.

Glad you were able to use the tickets!