Sunday, December 7, 2008

Soph and Jess, lost in New York!

So today, our school had a bus trip to New York City, and Soph and I decided to go, not to see the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree or any of that nonsense. Nope, ever since the illustrious Margee wrote a post about it last year, we've wanted to go to the NHL Store!!!111!! And what do you know, the NHL Store just HAPPENS to be about ten minutes from Rockefeller Center, where everyone was dropped off! Could the stars have aligned any better for us? As we approached the store after being in NYC for all of five seconds, this brillant exchange took place:

Me: Hey, Cindy Crosby's on that guy's bag!

Soph: ...Yeah. 'Cause that's the store, right there. (silent "duh" was included, I'm sure)

So we passed through obstacle#1, the revolving door full of people, and made it into our hockey mecca. I could only look around and gape at the expanse of merchandise and paraphernalia. For once, I was the one smacking Soph and pointing to things excitedly.

At first glance, I wanted to buy everything in store, which changed when we found things like this:

Soph says, "Anne, what is this nonsense?!"

Needless to say, the women's clothes were a little bizarre, especially the ones covered in crystals like the aforementioned Sabres tee. Anyway, we meandered through the store, checking out everything from jerseys and throwback tees to hats and Winter Classic items. Giant pictures of NHL players adorned the walls and presided over our shopping spree.

We were, however, pretty bummed to discover that the majority of the merchandise featured the New York teams, plus the Devils and Pittsburgh. What's that gonna do for us, huh? At least we could console ourselves with cool throwback hoodies of the Nordiques and Canucks from the kids' section, and super tough tees that say "LIVE EVERY SHIFT" beside the NHL shield.

Once we went to pay, we received one of the coolest shopping bags EVER: a backpack-type bag with skate laces for straps. We were quite proud to haul those around NYC with us, as we proceeded to wander up and down 5th and 6th Avenues for the rest of the day. Nothing caught our fancy as much as the NHL store, but that's not really surprising, now is it?


Anne said...

Oh, oh, oh gross, ew, that's just awful. yuck. If it didn't cost an estimated $934 I'd say buy it and burn it.

The Buffaslug is bad enough as is, why must they make it sparkle and shine as well? NHL, PUT DOWN THE BEDAZZLERS!

I've always wanted to go to the NHL Store!! I've never been to the hockey hall of fame either. So many things on the hockey to-do list!

K-Mart said...

I was at that store the day after Thanksgiving! It was a pretty neat store to visit.

Jess said...


Oh Anne, you're so funny. After seeing the glitter-tastic mess some of the shirts were, I wish the NHL was as offended by bedazzling as they are by sloppy seconds!

Also, the Hockey Hall of Fame is awesome!!! Pops and I spent like two whole days there! However, that was six years ago, so maybe it's changed since then...?

I was at that store the day after Thanksgiving!

Really? Wow, K-Mart, what was it like on Black Friday? It was pretty packed when we were there, and it was just a random Saturday!

K-Mart said...

Yes well, my parents weren't really thinking when they thought it'd be a good idea to go to NYC on Black Friday. It was awesome though.

Jess said...

NYC on Black Friday must be totally insane, since it was pretty crazy when we there. Soph and I were literally stuck in crowds of people when we'd try to walk down the street. And I was almost knocked over by a like five year old. Awesome.