Sunday, December 28, 2008


Post-Christmas has been a whirlwind for me, so I am only just now getting around to posting about one very exciting Christmas gift!

Pops had been telling me all along that I wasn't really getting anything for Christmas, which was fine because I honestly hadn't asked for anything. I wasn't expecting anything too elaborate to be waiting for me under the tree on Christmas morning, so you can imagine my surprise when I opened up my first gift and it was a Flyers Santa Sack! I've only seen about a million commercials for them, and yes, like Marty Biron, I want a gift I can share with my family and friends! I first pulled out the Hungry for More calendar, which was thrilling enough by itself. Then, I just about keeled over when I figured out it was a Santa Sack and found an envelope with two Flyers tickets in it! Soph and I now are going to the Flyers-Sens game on February 12th! We're going to be like season ticket holders come February! (Poor you, Kristin! You'll be hiding from us!) Soph and I are going to the February 7th game with Giggles, and obviously the game on the 12th, and we're also going to the game on Valentine's Day with... someone cool... I can't quite remember who... Anyway, I was (and still am!) super psyched about my total surprise gift, and then Pops pointed out that there was one more thing in the bag... a signed puck! The signature looked really familiar, but I couldn't quite place it until Pops gave me the little card that revealed the mystery autograph to be... Joffrey Lupul's!!!

Lupul's lovely (though indecipherable) autograph!

Pops didn't even get to pick which player's autograph he got, he just happened to get Lupul. How lucky is that? So that was my totally awesome, unexpected Christmas gift, kind of like how Ralphie finds the bb gun hidden behind the tree after he opens all of his other gifts. I hope you all had fabulous Christmases and got exciting hockey related presents too!

Pickles says, "Merry Christmas, Anne!"

Oh! If you want to see a hilarious video of the Sharks (like Pickles) stumbling through "Jingle Bells," you can check it out over at Couch Tarts... it's freakin' awesome.

You know you're an English major when you get an F. Scott Fitzgerald magnet for Christmas!


Anne said...

Merry Christmas to you too, Pickles! Thanks for reminding me I don't write about my love for you nearly enough. hahaha.

So exciting about the games! Have fun!!!! For your sake and the Sabres, I hope they whoop those Suckators. Woooo!

Jess said...

Thanks, Anne! I hope they beat the Senators (Suckators??? ha) too... losses are just too depressing!

haha Pickles must be jealous of all the face time that your other WCBs have been getting!

M.J. said...



Jess said...

Well, we aim to please, MJ!

Happy new year to you too!

K-Mart said...

Wow three games in a week! Crazy!

Soph said...

I know! We might as well be living in the Wachovia Center in February... It's going to be crazy and amazing! I really can't wait!

K-Mart said...

You should see if they'll let you sleep in the locker rooms.

Jess said...

That's an idea... Well, they'll be so used to seeing us at home games that they'll obviously ask us to travel with the team too. I mean, I'm just thinking logically here...