Thursday, January 8, 2009


Did anybody watch the Flyers-Minnesota game with all that "backstage" stuff? Because I was totally hooked! For those of you who missed it, during the game there was some footage of what happens behind the scenes at a Flyers game, from the logistics of filming to the players having a pick-up soccer game in the hallway. As boring as that may sound, I was absolutely glued to the TV! I'm not in love with Simon Gagne or anything, but I could have watched him tape his stick for, like, hours. Even guys doing random stretches and being worked on by the trainers was pretty interesting. Maybe it's the sleep deprivation talking... or, more likely, I'm just a huge dork.

In other utterly fascinating news, Soph has called me out on my most recent Secret Flyers Love, so now I feel like I should share it with the world. I should have realized my growing affection for this particular player when I had an impassioned argument with Pops last Saturday night that went something like this:

Pops: When is Sbisa gonna get his first goal? Come on, man!

Me: Hey, he's a defenseman! Well, most of the time...

Pops: I know, but still!

Me: And he's only been a forward for like a game and a half. Leave him alone!

Yes, it's true... I've been harboring a secret love for Sbisa and "casually mentioning him," according to Soph. Next, I'll be scrawling his name all over my notebooks or something. (You've got to admit, Luca Sbisa is a cool-sounding name!) I guess it's not surprising... I do love dorky d-men who turn pro at eighteen. (All he needs are rosy cheeks and he could be Pickles!) Too bad he didn't play tonight. I usually think he seems pretty poised out there for someone so young. I wish I could remember him being drafted, but apparently that happened during the five minutes when aliens took over our house last summer... because I watched the whole first round and cannot for the life of me remember him being drafted. Oh well. If you want to know more about Sbisa, check out this page that Soph found, which gives you crucial information like his favorite band (Coldplay) and favorite food to cook (pasta... which is conviently my favorite food to eat!).

My goodness, that's a loud jersey on such a young Sbisa!

Oh, and one more thing... for all you Lupul lovers out there who are missing him while he's injured, you can swoon over his sensitive musician self here. He certainly knows that ladies love a man with a guitar!


kristin said...

The backstage stuff was the best! I was at the game in person, but was watching the game on tivo to see if this dork that was in front of us was on tv. (We had some sweet fifth row seats, and every time play would come near us, he would stand up and make gang signs so his friends watching at home could see him in the 2nd row. gah!) The backstage stuff was so good that I think we should write and tell them to do it all the time!!! That's the stuff we want to see!

I love that Soph called you out on your newest secret crush, especially since you've been "casually mentioning him" all the time. HA!

Also, that jersey on young Mr. Sbisa...I'm not sure loud really conveys how terrible it is. But he looks so cute!

Jess said...

I'm glad you loved the backstage stuff too, Kristin! Pops came home from work to find me totally gaping in front of the TV, which isn't usually the reaction I have five minutes into a Flyers broadcast!

haha When Soph accused me of liking Sbisa, I was pretty much like, "Well... guilty as charged!"

Yeah, European jerseys can be insanely busy, but Sbisa's like eight year old charm helps him to totally work it!

K-Mart said...

Sbisa is awesome. I'm planning on getting a Sbisa tshirt jersey next time I'm home (Penn State caters solely to Pittsburgh in almost every way)

Jess said...

Ah, I want a Sbisa t-shirt too! Soph and I were at the game tonight, so we were looking at the Fan Gear store afterward, but we didn't see any Sbisa shirts. Booo! Hopefully, you'll have better luck, K-Mart!