Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Carnival Novel

So before Kristin kills us for making her wait too long, I guess it's time to post about the Carnival. I have to say, this year was less exciting with the lack of Gator and his fantastic black eyes, but we still managed to have a good time!

Joffrey Lupul Photo Booth

So we had ordered a photo ticket for Lupul in advance because Giggles really likes him and, at the time, so did Soph and I. But since then, we've been turned off by Lupul's obnoxious boozer appearance on Sober House. And he's certainly not helping my fantasy team of late. I kind of wanted to kick him in the shins, ala Ten Things I Hate about You and yell, "That's for being on Sober House! And that's for messing up the Killer Cupcakes!" Luckily, I showed some restraint. Anyway, while we waited in his long line, Soph realized that we might not be able to meet Randy Jones, who was signing autographs at the same time! Oh noes! Since nice boys finish first here at Slightly Saucy, we left Giggles in the Lupul line and dashed upstairs to find Randy, our perfect man in training!

Randy Jones Autograph Booth

Poor Randy, he gets no love. Not that his play has been fabulous, but come on, he's probably still injured. Anyway, I think we scared him when we burst into his autograph booth because we were the only ones there, aside from Randy and his girlfriend. We wanted to gush about how he's one of our faves (because how many fans does the man have?), but the presence of his girlfriend made things really awkward! He was very nice, though, and gave us both an "All the best!" He actually spelled Soph's name right without any help. (He must remember her from last year.)And I'm convinced he said, "Bye doll" to Soph when we left... because that would have been hilarious.

Joffrey Lupul Photo Booth

Don't worry, we didn't abandon Giggles, despite our Lupul boycotting. We were amused to find that there were no additional chairs at the photo booths this year, so basically we had to crowd around Lupul like we were his harem. (Creepy?) We get up to the P-I-M-P himself (he's almost too attractive, really), and then the weirdest thing ever happens: Lupul is staring at me, hardcore. Kinda creepy, actually. Lupul, I don't think I'm your type! I don't think pimps are really drawn to the nerdy English major type. But it was pretty hilarious... I'm not a maneater by any stretch of the imagination. I'm honestly the biggest dork ever. Well apparently, I can't quit Lupul, but I guess he can't quit me either!

Kimmo Timonen Autograph Booth

Timonen has a very odd accent. Finnish midwestern, perhaps? And Soph made the poor man spell out "Sophie," but then she felt jerk-y about it afterwards. He gets a gold star for effort though. And he does have lovely boy handwriting, always a plus.


So this year, there was an inflatable area set up where little kids (and twenty-something girls?) could joust with one of the Phantoms. Giggles decided that this would be the best use of her time at the Carnival, and Soph concurred. The attendent tried to get me to join in, but I think I had a pretty good reason to sit this one out: "Somebody has to take pictures!" So Giggles battled Josh Beaulieu, and Soph got fighter Matt Clackson. They gave the boys a run for their money! (Jousting must be hard work... they were sore the next morning!)

Kimmo Timonen Photo Booth

Timonen welcomed us with open arms... sort of. He gave us each a friendly, dad-like hand shake, and told us to have a nice day. Aww, Timonen. You're like our chiller, European equivalent of Gator (as in, an older d-man to love, minus the bloody eye). And we love Mrs. Timonen too! Had she sold Soph a mystery bag this year, it would have been a million times better than the lame ones Soph actually got! (Boo Mrs. Knuble and Mrs. Hatcher. Even the bag I bought from a like seven-year-old volunteer boy was better than hers!)

Randy Jones Photo Booth

So Randy's picture session got thrown all out of whack because he was supposed to follow Marty Biron, but Marty took forever (probably chatting with each and every fan!). So we hung out for awhile and discovered that Randy is the true ladies' man... all girls in his line! We were next to Randy's biggest fan (and we thought we had that title!). She was even brave enough to have a Jones jersey. Now that's some commitment... the boy gets booed more than the opposition! When it was our photo opt, Randy was very nice to us again, even though the photographer told us we had to get closer to him! Sorry Randy, we're just too shy! (I actually look frightened in all of our pictures, it's pretty funny...) Soph says that Randy gave her a nice pat on the back when we were leaving. He knows the true fans...

Andrew Alberts/Glen Metropolit Autograph Booth

After Randy, we had to divide and conquer because we were running out of time. So Giggles and I went to get Lupul's autograph while Soph saw Andrew Alberts and Glen Metropolit. Kristin, you're right, Alberts is quite attractive. You should have come... apparently, his line was pretty empty. Metropolit was funny, though. When Soph asked to take a picture of him, he went cross-eyed for her before smiling. Oh, what a kidder...

Claude Giroux Photo Booth

We reconvened and decided to fulfill Soph's dream of getting a picture with her future French Canadian hubby, Claude Giroux. He is quite cute, I think. I actually didn't see much of him because Soph busted out the French, so I just stood around awkwardly while they chatted it up. But Soph said he was very sweet, and he did seem nice, from the bits of French I could understand!

So there's the Carnival in a nutshell. As always, a crazy and awkward day! And here are our pictures...


kristin said...

Yay! Finally! I don't have time to comment fully on things, because I am on my way to work, but I promise to come back later.

I will say that I am jealous of Soph busting out the French to chat with Giroux!!! She will have to go to Montreal with me and be my translator!!

Soph said...

Well, I'm anxiously waiting to hear your other comments!

I guess that's one benefit of having Quebecois parents. I would totally be your translator but you would have to pay me in poutine and tacky hockey knick-knacks (and Jess would have to come too!)

kristin said...

Comments, in order of the post:

1. Lupul on Sober House was sooooo creepy! I actually watch the show (loser) and I couldn't believe when I saw it!

2. I like that you prioritized so you could go see Jones. Sad that nobody was visiting him. It's all about location at these things....at the STH thing, poor Knuble had no line, but it was because he was upstairs away from everyone else. Poor Knubes.

3. I love Kimmo's voice and accent. Guys, your picture with Kimmo is so cute/funny!

4. Um, what is Lupul doing with that Zamboni? Is he going to take you for a spin?

kristin said...

Okay, had to break it up into more than one comment...

Okay wait, the picture with Lupul is too funny. He is SUCH a P-I-M-P. He's leaning back like a pimp! And Jess, where is his other hand? And Jess, where is your hand? Are you holding hands with Lupul?!?!?!

Kukkonen looks so sad to be in a Phantoms jersey!

kristin said...

Okay, you got that close to Patrick Maroon and didn't pass out?!?! he touched you!!!!! I would have been hyperventilating! He is my favorite future Flyer!!!!!!

Jess said...

Are you holding hands with Lupul?!?!?!

ahahaha No, what happened was, in addition to staring me down like a creeper, Lupul then put his arm around me, kind of. It was SO WEIRD, I don't know why he was so fixated on me, dork that I am. He is waaaay too pimp for me!

As for Sober House, it's okay Kristin, Pops watches it too!

Okay, you got that close to Patrick Maroon and didn't pass out?!?!

I must say, he was pretty P-I-M-P for an AHLer!

kristin said...

wow. so his arm is sort of around you. go Lupul!