Saturday, February 14, 2009

Now I've had the time of my life...

Valentimes is hard times

Jess and I made what has become our usual trek to the Wachovia Center this but this time instead of being chauffeured by Pops, we went with the one and only K-mart! Hearts, hockey and meeting up with blogger BFFs -- Jess and I couldn't be happier! Although we did miss you, Kristin.

We were a little anxious because we thought the suck-fest Flyers team might show today. And it doesn't matter as much if the Flyers abuse us emotionally as fans (They only lose because the love us! Seriously guys...) because we've gone to so many games this year, but we did want at least a decent showing for k-mart since it was his first game in two years (Yikes, that's about as long as I've liked hockey!). Luckily, the Flyers were on the same page and soundly whupped the Islanders 5-1. There was so much exciting stuff, like a fight, a penalty shot, lots of goals and awkward video montages (To the people responsible for those: Really? Goal highlights to "Time of My Life" from Dirty Dancing? Fight clips to "Careless Whisper"?! I still can't decide if that's just crazy or total genius)

K-mart: We really had a good time. If ever you want to go to another game this season (maybe when I'm in the state), Jess and I would defintely be down. We're always down for the Flyers

Also: Happy birthday, Pops! Thanks for enabling our hockey love! And second intermission ice cream!

Also Also: Jess and I were going through our pile of the "I might like you someday" cards and we (and by we, I mean me) noticed that Drew Stafford looks awfully familiar... He's nearly identical to Rugby Player Mike who was in Jess' class last semester. Why didn't you tell us, Anne?! You should have known!


K-Mart said...

Ahh! I had a great time too! I don't know if there will be a good weekend for me to go to a Flyers game for the rest of the season though... otherwise I'd LOVE to go to another game.

Thanks for the cards too. I haven't bought hockey cards in such a long time.

K-Mart said...

Yup, there's no other Saturday that we have a home game that I can make.

Anne said...


Clearly Rugby Player Mike was just a set-up man for you to notice the resemblance in Staffy and fall madly in love.

This season Staffy's on and off ice pwnage of the world in general has gotten him back in my good graces, so I welcome all once and future fan club members.

Soph said...

k-mart: Well, if ever you decide to take a mental health day from school to see the Flyers, Jess and I are always down. Or if you want to come down to see the Phantoms, which could be... exciting?

Anne: Clearly there could be no better set-up man than Rugby Player Mike! Please tell me that Staffy has a very intense stare and a huge almost dopey grin because that would seal the deal! Although it might already be sealed...

Jess said...

K-Mart: Saturday was so much fun! So I think this accurately sums up our thoughts about you not being able to go to another Flyers game: :(

Anne: haha I was actually terrified of Rugby Player Mike at first because he revealed that he's also a bouncer at a bar! But then he knocked over all of my stuff and apologized profusely, so I knew he wasn't a jerk. Plus, Soph loved him from like day one, which is a ringing endorsement! We'll have to keep an eye out for Staffy now! /End novella