Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Everyone's a Bitch and the Flyers Win

We're awesome photographers.
Light of God shines down upon Staffy...
Or as Soph put it, "Heaven must be missing an angel!"

So last night, Soph and I got to see the Flyers take on the Sabres. This was exciting for several reasons:

Season tickets here, please?

  • We had fourth row seats! Across from the Flyers bench! Coolest. Thing. Ever. Seeing them come bounding out onto the ice before the National Anthem was so amazing, I think I just gaped at them the whole time.

Rivet had his game face on... and he was the only one

  • Thanks to Anne and MJ, we enjoy the Sabres immensely. (Although they were a hot mess last night... sorry girls!) And we got to see the Sabres up close and personal during warm-ups. Royzie, Staffy, and Rivet spent the whole time in our end (well hellooooo there), while Pommers was off doing his own thing, and Vanek looked so pathetic with his full shield.

Here are some other profound thoughts and quotes from last night's game:

The guy sitting behind us liked to shower any Sabre with the same inspirational message:

Guy sitting behind us (first period): You bitch!
Guy sitting behind us (second period): You bitch!
Guy sitting behind us (third period): You bitch! EVERYONE'S A BITCH!

Yes, I think we've got it, sir. You should write for Hallmark, clearly. Anne, judging by your latest posts on the Sabres, this might be the guy for you!
Some AMAZING hits happened right in front of us, but one woman in the first row could not handle it, and she let out a blood-curdling shriek after one particularly glass-rattling hit. Everyone in our section went silent and then promptly burst out laughing. Ah brotherly love...
Claude Giroux was quite fiesty out there last night, obviously trying to woo Soph with his rugged twelve-year-old looking, French-Canadian charms.
Timonen says, "We're kind of a big deal... yawn..."

Can I just say that d-men are like the coolest skaters ever? Soph and I love watching when they have to turn on a dime and start skating backwards. They're so swish, such smooth operators. If I tried to do that, I'd kill myself!

While we have had lots of fun sitting upstairs this season, sitting so close was awesome. You feel like you're part of the game in some weird way. Hopefully, Slightly Saucy can have one more official outing... for the playoffs! Although I'm sure we'll be back upstairs in that case...


Soph said...

I loved the "bitch" guy. So funny!

K-Mart said...

D-men are awesome, I'd have to agree there :D. Skating backwards is like my favorite thing to do.

I also found out that a kid that I used to play with is the guy that shovels up all the snow in front of the home side net during stoppages. I want his job so badly.

Soph said...

So jealous! I wish I could skate backwards... or be able to stop without crashing into the boards.