Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tonight! Tonight! Hot Damn Tonight!

Jess and I enjoy this style of shirt a lot
And by "enjoy" I mean, "enjoy making fun of"
We especially enjoy "Gimme that Predator kinda feeling"
Don't get jealous Flyers fans! You can get one too!

There's two reasons for me posting this:
  1. I want to push the trade deadline posts down because they just make me sad
  2. Because I wanted to
Jess and I are very excited to be going to be going to tonight's Flyers-Sabres match up. Also, a little sad because it's the last game that we'll probably see of the regular season. Unless we decide we just have to go one more. For the second time this season we'll be sitting downstairs. Should be fun. Especially since we've been reading all these Sabres blogs I feel like I know the team without, y'know... having watched them.


Anne said...

I assumed you'll be cheering equally loudly for the Sabres because they need the points more? Ok, thanks!! Have fun!

Anne said...

and by "assumed" I did not actually mean the past tense. I mean "assume." I win.

K-Mart said...

Wow, great game to go to. I hope I see the same type of play on Thursday...

Jess said...

Anne: You'll be happy to know that we did stand on the Sabres side during warm-ups... Rivet! Staffy! Roy-Z! Oh my! ...And we did feel bad for you when the Flyers started whupping the Sabres... :(

K-Mart: This game was SO awesome! Yeah, if Thursday's game is anything like this one, you'll have a great time!