Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Vroom vroom party starter!

So the NHL Awards are moving to Vegas this year, which makes things infinitely more g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s. The ads are pretty blingy, and we enjoy this gentleman especially:
Party like a rock star captain of the Red Wings

We're glad Nick Lidstrom looks so happy, even though he's won the Norris about 80 bazillion times. He's someone we'd like to hang out with, perfect human that he is. Marty Brodeur, not so much. It doesn't help that he looks like Mr. No Fun here compared to Lidstrom.

In other hairy and scary news, the Flyers are having a Scott Hartnell Wig Night at next Thursday's game. At least his linemates are down with it:

I think the problem for me is that Hartnell reminds me of my crazy loving grandfather, right down to that mane. My grandfather, the original Mr. No Fun, liked to make some unique threats. Like, that he was going to shut down the Spectrum because Pops caused too much of a ruckus over the Flyers' Stanley Cup victory. And he also popularized the phrase, "I'm going to rip an elephant in half." (An excellent way to get out frustration, no?) If my grandfather had been a hockey player, he definitely would have been a glove-thrower!

(Can you tell my new favorite thing is the strikethrough feature? Hi, I'm a nerd awesome.)

Annnnd Soph and I hope you're feeling better soon, Kristin! This cold that's going around is totally annoying (though it has given me a chance to miss classes without feeling like a jerk!). Kristin, you better rest up for your big trip so you can post all about it! Soph and I want to do a hockey road trip sometime...


kristin said...

Are you all better yet Jess? I think I'm just about better. I'm excited for Hartnell wig night. I think I'll actually be there! I guess you have to have a promo night in order to get people to come to a Panthers game!

Jess said...

Yeah, I think I may have finally beaten this cold. Woo! Glad to hear you're doing better, especially since you're on your big road trip! :)

haha I hope you'll be there to witness Hartnell wig mayhem!