Monday, April 27, 2009

Doing our loyal duty as fans...

By not watching tonight's Sharks-Ducks game. We've been jinxes. Don't believe us?

Lets look at the playoff stats from this year:
  • Watching the Sharks: 0-3
  • Not watching the Sharks: 2-0
We're doing everyone favors here by taking one for the team.

i'm lovin' it 'cuz i'm not watchin' it
(does that make me a bad fan?)

PS - Whatever happens tonight, thanks for winning on Saturday. I couldn't have dealt with two handshake lines in one day.


kristin said...

eek! It didn't work!

Soph said...

It really didn't. Oh well... Let's go Canucks! Let's go Canes!

K-Mart said...

I like the Hawks better than the Canucks and the Broons better than the Canes... I also think I just want the Verizon Center to collapse in game two, cuz I really hate the Pens and the Caps