Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hungry for more playoffs!

To quote Kristin, game three was bananas. I think the fans were ready to will the Flyers to victory. They booed Cindy. The booed the Pens in general. In fact, they booed the pucks that were tossed onto the Pens side before warm-ups. Thank god they didn't also have to boo the Flyers off the ice!

After a rousing rendition of "God Bless America" with Lauren Hart and Kate Smith (after seeing that on TV for so many years, I LOVE watching it live! I wish they did it more often!), the game got underway. I think I spent the entire first period with my hands clasped together in prayer. And I definitely covered my eyes when the Pens took some shots. (Sitting where the Pens shot twice... not so good for the nerves.) When the Flyers got their two early goals by Carter and Richards, I sent Kristin a very eloquent text that went something like, "Aaaahhh, this is insane, aaahhh!!!" And then Hartnell tackled Kunitz for hitting Timonen, and Giroux started throwing down with Kennedy... I don't know how Soph and I survived the first period. When the Pens bookended the first and second periods with goals, it was the revenge of the nerves. Thank god Giroux and Simon took over at that point. That short-handed goal was sick, along with the two minutes chewed off the clock on a delayed penalty. We probably stood up and cheered for it, because our section was all about the standing ovation.

Soph's bf is pretty BAMF BA.

(I often use BAMF and BA interchangably. Soph does not appreciate this.)

Giroux's gone and totally redeemed himself after that unfortunate OT penalty.

I'm glad to see the Flyers showed some heart, going after the Pens for their repeated hits on Timonen. He's only their best d-man... protecting him might be a good idea, call me crazy. There were definitely some scary epic fail moments in this game, but the Flyers looked like an inspired team that might have a chance. And their offense was on fire. Another effort like this tomorrow, and the Flyers are right back in this series. Come on boys!

Here are some other random notes and quotes from the game:

-Boy sitting behind us (talking to friend on the phone): Hey, maybe you'll see me! I'm wearing orange! Aww, well, everyone's wearing orange...


-Kristin, tell Rod, hands off Claude Giroux! Soph does not share well.


-After the game, Soph and I headed to Fan Gear, which was almost as packed as it was on Valentine's Day. (I guess everybody wanted to buy a souvenir for their sweetheart that day...?) Soph bought the Flyers' "first star" hat. You know, the really bright orange trucker hat the first star of the game has to wear in post-game interviews. It's pretty awesome... (I may or may not steal it from her every five minutes.) Speaking of awesome, Soph and I also got shirts that are so tough I think we'll have to give ourselves black eyes in order to wear them. They're gray and say things like, "Blood, pain, hits, blood, sacrifice, hits, blood..." (you get the idea) with "Flyers Hockey" at the bottom.


-As Soph and I were waiting around for Pops, we were first seranded with "High Hopes," and then some other guy came skipping outside, shouting, "It's OUTTA HEEEERE!" Aww, Harry Kalas' spirit is alive and well! But perhaps the most amusing moment occurred a few minutes later when a guy came outside, spotted Soph in her Giroux jersey, and told her, "Good game." She earned that first star hat after all!


kristin said...

Okay, I think we need to see pictures of you wearing the first star hat. It always looks so silly on whoever is wearing it.

And Soph, don't worry about sharing Giroux with Rod...I think he is still mostly in love with Hartnell.

Jess said...

haha The first star hat is quite a nice shade of neon orange that looks attractive on no one... but we love it anyway! We'll see what we can do about pictures...

Soph is relieved to hear that Giroux is hers and hers alone!