Friday, April 10, 2009

Karma's a biatch and other news

Soph and I are off for Easter break, which means that we're staying at Mr. D's Flop House (aka my house) with Pops. This also means that we made a pilgrimage to the sports memorbilia store in my hometown, which always brings out our inner five year old brats. Woo!

As we scoured the boxes of loose hockey cards at the store, I found one of Nick Lidstrom on the Swedish National Team circa 1991, which I immediately clutched to my chest and declared "Finder's keepers!" Soph called me a slut and stuck her tongue out at me, like ya do. Don't worry, I did look through the rest of the box for a duplicate Lidstrom card but to no avail. Among our other findings, we discovered some Sami Kapanen cards, and Soph got a Cam Ward jersey card. (Had there been two, we could have gotten one for you, Kristin!) As we browsed, the store's owner changed the channel from Daily News Live to college hockey. At the sound of our siren song, we immediately spun around to see what game it was, but it couldn't hold our attention, since we don't follow college hockey at all and there were more cards to go through!

Things got a little ugly on the way home when Soph was bragging about her Cam Ward card, which prompted me to tell her I couldn't hear her because I had my Lidstrom card in my ear. (It works better when you're plugging your ears with your two Stanley Cup rings, but I had to work with what I had.) I guess I gloated too much because karma smote me once we got back to my house and tore into our packs of cards. In her second pack, Soph screamed, "Aaahhhh! You're gonna be so jealous!" I wasn't so sure, until I saw it was a Luca Sbisa rookie card, an offense that had me calling her a bitch about five times over. In the end, she gave me the Sbisa card, and I told her we would put the Nick Lidstrom card in a common area of our dorm room. Prob solved. We also got some Montreal cards in need of good home... I wonder who might take those off our hands...

And speaking of Sbisa, he's baaaaack! His junior team got eliminated from the playoffs, so he's back with the Phantoms for their last two games this weekend. This is even more exciting because Soph, Pops, and I are actually going to tonight's Phantoms game! (We orginially got tickets because, well, we're all off, and its Phantoms Fan Appreciation Night! We couldn't go to the Flyers fan appreciation night, and we want to be appreciated by someone, dammit!) We also were unaware that tonight's Phantoms game is the last game at the Spectrum, and it's sold-out so it should be a good, crazy time!

In other news, our NHL teams are doing well this week... the Flyers clinched a playoff spot and the Sharks clinched the Presidents' Trophy Western Conference! Wooo! Is it playoff time yet?!


K-Mart said...

Where's my Richards jersey card?!?! I kid... I wish I had more memorabilia stores near where I lived. Also, Soph, sticking your tongue out is a mouth washout-able offense in my family!

Soph said...

I thought you were mad at him and now you want his jersey card? Talk about mixed signals! There was a nice pink autographed Richards jersey, though...

Also, Soph, sticking your tongue out is a mouth washout-able offense in my family!

Really?! Do you speak from experience?

kristin said...

Oooh! Did you guys get to see Jerseys Off Our Backs night at the Phantoms?!?!?

Also, the image of y'all fighting over these cards for the better part of an afternoon is really quite amusing. I'm surprised there wasn't hair pulling or kicking!

(Also, I'm pretending I didn't hear anything about Montreal cards. I'm playing it cool...)

Jess said...

Kristin: haha No no, we weren't violent. We just shouldn't be allowed to buy cards ever. (Although that would be no fun, now would it?! Aaaaand we might go back for more cards tomorrow! ha)

We did see jerseys off our backs night at the Phantoms! It was pretty exciting, even though we didn't win anything, surprise surprise!

K-Mart: Your family sounds way stricter than mine... Pops was laughing at us the whole time as we called each other names and "fought" over the cards!

K-Mart said...

Well, it was a mouth washing offense back when I was like five.